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How to Fix a Disposable Vape Pen

How to Fix a Disposable Vape Pen

Disposable vape pens are designed for easy use, even for vapers that don't have experience using them. However, like any other equipment, they can suffer malfunctions and need some intervention to continue working properly.

If it’s your first time using a disposable vape pen, and it is giving problems, this guide will walk you through different common disposable vape pen problems, how to troubleshoot and fix them.

No Hits

Getting no hits from your disposable vape pens is the most commonly reported problem. Most vapour report not being able to get any vapour even when the power LED blinks. There are several reasons that could cause this problem:

  • No e-liquid – When your disposable vape pen stops hitting, the first thing you should check is the e-liquid level wildly when the power LED is still blinking. Running out of e-liquid is the most common reason for not getting hits. Disposable pens come with a pre-set amount of vape liquid that will last for a certain number of puffs. After the vape liquid runs out, you cannot get any hits.
  • Dead battery – If you still have some e-liquid left inside the pen, it’s possible the vape battery is dead. This is usually the case if the power LED is not blinking. Sometimes the device might allow you to get one or two puffs on a low battery if you let it rest for several hours. In most cases, the disposable pens are designed with a battery that will outlast the e-liquid supply. So, if the battery is out, it is possible the vape liquid supply is almost depleted as well.
  • Insensitive airflow sensor – If you’re using a draw-activated disposable vape pen, it is possible the airflow sensor is obstructed by condensation. Although it sounds like a unique problem, it is quite common. The best way around this problem is to vape with one of your fingers around one of the inlet vents. This increases the airflow pressure and might get the sensors up and working again.
  • The device has never worked – If it has never worked since you purchased it, it could be a factory defect. Sometimes, you can fix some of the problems quickly with the right tools instead of shipping the device back to the factory and waiting for a long time for a replacement while you need the replacement now. This fix works for most rectangular vape devices. Use a pair of tweezers to remove the mouthpiece of the device. Under the mouthpiece is the cotton pad. If the cotton looks clustered, remove it and place it aside, then check the rubber stopper. There's a hole that leads directly inside the device. Check if the hole is blocked. Remove the stopper and readjust.

You can also use a wooden toothpick to open up the hole. In most cases, the delivery will work perfectly after the hole is reopened. You can reassemble the parts and enjoy your vape sessions.

Disposable Vape Gets Wet

Vapers with a deep inhale are more likely to experience this problem. The wetness is often caused by leakages or gurgling. In gurgling cases, some of the vape liquid goes into your mouth or drips through the air inlet vent of the vaporizer, which causes leaks.

Neither condition is pleasant. The simplest fix to this problem is to avoid over-the-top heavy puffs. It ensures the e-liquid stays where it should. Also, avoid squeezing the device if it is a pod.

Disposable vape smelling burnt

If you notice your disposable vape pen smelling burnt when vaping, it's a sign you should slow down. Disposable vape pens don't have built-in temperature control functions. Quick puffs mean the wick doesn't have enough time to absorb enough e-liquid before you inhale. As a result, it could burn the wick, which will deliver a terrible flavour and a burnt smell.

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You should avoid overheating. Do not leave the disposable vape in your car during hot weather or under direct sunlight, which could also impact its performance and cause the wick to dry out.

If the burn smell is still noticeable after slow and gentle puffs, it’s most likely the device has no e-liquid. Check the e-liquid level before you try to take another heat.

Can You Recharge a Disposable Vape?

This is a common question among new vapers who are using disposable vape pens for the first time. Disposable vape pens are designed for short time use. The battery comes pre-charged with no provisions for charging. Once the device is depleted, it should be disposed of.

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You can find videos on YouTube of vapers recharging their disposable vapes. However, it is not safe because most disposable vapes use alkaline batteries that tend to expand, leak or burst during recharging. Recharging a disposable vape is not safe at all.

Can You Refill a Disposable Vape?

Technically, it should be possible to refill a disposable vape. But once more, disposable vapes are designed for short-term use and don't have the provisions for refilling. Trying to refill the device is so massive that it doesn't make sense to even try to refill the device. Instead, you should consider purchasing a refillable device.

Using this guide, you can solve the most common disposable vape problems and ensure you have a flawless vaping experience. It also helps to know more about the anatomy of the device and even read the user manual, which can help you solve brand and model-specific challenges.

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