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Vaping For Beginners Ultimate Guide

Vaping For Beginners Ultimate Guide

Vaping is a new trend that has been received warmly by the community. Whether it is by people looking to quit smoking or enthusiasts that are looking to add some flavour to their life, vaping has been the solution.

With its shiny toys, clouds of smoke and technical accessories, vaping amongst people is growing year on year. Many people are quitting smoking to try vaping with its huge range of e liquid flavours. Unfortunately, getting started with vaping is not about picking the first kit you find and adding some juice and puffing – that is if the experience matters.

Choosing the right equipment for your level will not only offer you an unforgettable first experience but, it could also save you money in the long run not to mention create some memorable experiences right out of the gates. If you’re not sure about how to go about starting your vaping journey, you’re at the right place.

Picking the Best Vaping Device

Your vaping experience will be almost exclusively dependent on the quality and suitability of the vaping device you choose. There are plenty of vaping devices on the market and Flawless Vape Shop stocks practically every one of them. There are a few factors you need to consider when choosing the right vaping device.


Every type of vaping device on the market is made for a user with a particular experience. Choosing the right device for you will make the change subtle as you get used while allowing you to enjoy the benefits of vaping. Typically, in vaping, there are three levels. There is the beginner, intermediate and experienced level. Based on the three different levels, you can choose the best device for you.

Desktop or portable

Vaping devices are divided into two main groups. Desktop vaporizers come with tubing and a mouthpiece and are a commonly used in group settings. The portable varieties battery powered and allow you to bring your new device along with you everywhere you go. They include the e-cigarettes, vaping pens and box mods. They offer a personalised experience wherever you are.

What do you want to smoke

When choosing the right device, you will also need to consider what you will be smoking. As we will discuss later, there are plenty of concentrates and e liquids to choose from and some vaping devices are particular about what you can use with them. Concentrates include waxes and oils while there are dozens of e liquids.

Battery life

If you’re constantly on the move and you need a device that keeps up with your vaping needs without having to plug in all the time, battery life becomes a critical factor. For average vapers that are not far from charging points, battery life should not be a concern.


If you want a sleek and highly portable device, then the vape pens are the best. Box mods are heavier, larger and harder to fit into a pocket. If portability is a concern, keep in mind how you intend to carry the device. In this case, the size of the tank can also make a difference. Even though a large tank holds more juice, it takes up more space. If space is a premium for you, you might want to get a smaller tank to allow you to take the device with you.

Clouds Vs. Flavour

Even though your preferred e-liquid might have something to do with this, your preferred device also has a lot to do with flavour and vapour as well. The main part you need to consider in this regard is the coil. Different coil set ups can give you a different experience. It might take a little troubleshooting and testing to find the set up that works for you.


Your budget has a lot to do with the kind of vaping device you will buy. Flawless Vape Shop has a wide range of quality vaping devices that you can choose from depending on your budget and preference.


Vaping devices that have a warranty means the manufacturer has faith in their products and the quality. Even though the devices wear out and even break at times, a warranty assures you that it won’t fail for the length of the warranty. If it does, the manufacturer is willing to replace it for you.

Once you have considered all the different factors that can affect your vaping experience and the type of vape that you can buy, it is time to get down to the thick of things and choose a good vaping device to get you started.

Types of Vaping Devices


These are the most basic types of e-cigs on the market. They are perfect for beginners especially if you have not made the decision to take vaping seriously. e-cigs can be identified by their slender and cigarette-like look.

Starters commonly prefer them because they are highly portable and easy to use. They are all-in-one units that comprise of the battery and a combined atomizer and are ready to use right out of the box. That makes them the perfect device for people who don’t have any knowledge about vaping devices. Even though they are cheap, they need to be replaced regularly and overtime, the cost of replacement can accumulate.

They are also a perfect fit for people that are looking to cut ties with smoking by taking up vaping. Because of their design, the offer a similar sensation to smoking traditional cigarettes.

The best thing about e-cigs is that they are easy to use. However, they do have quite a few downsides, which include weak vapour, and their built-in batteries don’t last long.

As you get more accustomed to vaping, the e-cigs might not cut it. You might need something stronger and one that offers more freedom.

Vape Pens

These are like e-cigs but bulkier and slightly more advanced. They are also a great option for people that are starting out but because they are more expensive, you need to have made up your mind about vaping. Needless to mention, they offer a richer and more flavourful experience compared to the e-cigs.

Vape pens have three parts, which include a combined atomizer and battery, clearomizer and Mouthpiece. Unlike e-cigs, vape pens are re-usable which makes them more cost effective even if they initial cost of buying one is slightly higher than buying a e-cig.

The pens are commonly used to vape wax and oil concentrates. They are simple to use and usually have a single button. For the high end ones that are adjustable, they might also feature an LCD screen.

Vape pens offer great performance, are stylish and offer a selection of juices to choose from. The best thing about vaping pens is that they can be used with most of the liquids you will find with us.

Box Mods and APVS

These are the big leagues of vaping. Most expert vapers own a box mod. They are highly advanced and personalised vaporizers. As you would expect, they have bigger batteries and coils, which gives them the ability to produce larger vape clouds over a long period.

For vapers that have a wide range of preferences, there are hybrid mods that allow you to vape different materials. All you need to do is switch the cartridges.

A standard box mod comes with a clearomizer, atomizer, battery and Mouthpiece. For more experienced vapours, you can easily switch some of these parts to improve your vaping experience and have more control on the mod.

The box mods come with a lot of responsibilities and require plenty of understanding of the parts and terminology. They also pack a punch in their delivery so you need to have been vaping for some time before you can try out box mods and APVs.

Even though box mods are expensive to buy initially, they are more economical in the long run and are cheaper than cigarettes especially if you buy one from a reputable and reliable brand.

Understanding Vaping Accessories

Since vaping devices were first invented in 1963 and revolutionized in 2003, they have come a long way. They are not anywhere close to what they were. They have more technology and sophisticated parts. As a responsible and budding vaper, understanding the different parts of the vaping device is your duty.

It will not only help you understand your device better but it will also go a long way in helping you personalise your experience as you get used to vaping.


This is the most basic part of any vaping device. Without it, vaping would not be possible. Batteries come in two main varieties. There are the replaceable ones and those that are built into the device. The latter are more common in some vaping pens and in almost all disposable e-cigs.

When choosing a device, the type and rating of your battery means a lot. The most important factor is the size and capacity of the battery.

  • 26650 – This is the largest battery you can buy. It is commonly used in personal vaping devices and in some e-cigs. It is highly favoured by sub-ohm vapers and best used with atomizers with less than 1ohm resistance. It is the perfect battery for heavy vapers and people who travel a lot. It is capable of holding charging for longer with frequent vaping.
  • 16340 – This is the smallest battery used in vaping devices. It is common among beginners who don’t have a lot of demands from their vaping devices and are still breaking in to their vaping habits. The 16,340 have a short vaping cycle and are used with most standard atomizers.
  • 18350 and 18500 – These two are small batteries with a longer life often used by advanced vapers because they are more portable. Of the two, the 18350 are the smallest and the 18500 are slightly larger and offer a longer battery life than the 18350.

No matter what your battery preference is, you will find it in our large collection of vaping device batteries.


The atomizer is the part that converts the liquid into vapour. It is connected directly to the battery. The atomizer contains another part inside called a coil. The coil can be made from a variety of materials depending on the type of vaping device.

The coil heats up and once it gets in touch with liquid, vaporization occurs and the break down results into the flavours that flood your mouth.

One of the ways you can improve your vaping experience is by changing the coil. You can go for coils made from different materials or have different thickness to increase or decrease vaporization, as you prefer.


The role of the wick is to transfer the liquid from the tank and deliver it to the coil for vaporisation. Wicks are made from materials like cotton, ceramic or stainless steel mesh. The wick ensures that you can enjoy vaping without being worried about losing the liquid through leaks.


Closer to the tip of the vaporizer is the tank. It simply stores the e-liquid just before it is vaporized. If you go for a disposable e-cig, the tank is usually referred to as the cartridge but the purpose is the same. In some devices, the cartridge and atomizer can also be combined to make one component called a cartomizer.

Some cartomizers have a transparent body to make it easier for you to tell when you need to refill the vape juice. Such cartomizers are also called clearomizers.

Mouth Piece

Finally, there is the mouthpiece also called a tip. It is a simple but essential piece that channels the vapour from the atomizer into your mouth. It draws the flavoured flavour right into your mouth. Tips can come in different styles and design. However some e-cigs don’t have a defined mouthpiece especially for the smaller devices.

At Flawless Vape Shop, we offer a wide selection of vaping devices and accessories to suit your taste and budget. We have products from the most popular and reputable brands and also from upcoming and trendsetting brands.

Picking the Best Vaping Juice

Finding the right vaping device is only one half of starting your journey in vaping the right way. Once you get the right device, you also need to get the right vaping juice also known as an E-liquid. There are a few factors you will need to consider and it is important that you go step by step so you don’t sabotage your experience.


Before anything else, the most important thing is that you choose a juice whose flavour you like. Even if every other aspect of the juice is perfect but you don’t like the flavour the juice will be a waste.

There are plenty of flavours you can choose from. Users who are looking to switch from smoking prefer to go for tobacco blends, which are similar to their favourite cigarette brands. If you’re ready to get adventurous, you will find a variety of other flavours, which include biscuit, pizza, cake, and even fruity varieties like banana, apple, mango and watermelon.

You can also try out mixed flavours, which combine tobacco and various fruit and food flavours to bring out new and interesting flavours.

Even with the large selection of flavours, it is best to start with one you’re sure you like then you can slowly start experimenting with everything else.


After you have chosen the flavour, things start to get a little technical. The next step is to understand the level of nicotine in the juice so you don’t get overwhelmed. If you have been a smoker, it is easier for you to pick your preferred nicotine strength.

  • For users who don’t want any nicotine in their e juice, there are varieties with 0mg nicotine concentration in them, which you can start with.
  • If you smoke half a pack or less in a day, the best nicotine strength for you would be 6mg or below.
  • 9mg to 16mg is ideal for average smokers who go through a pack of cigarettes a day.
  • For heavy chain smokers, anything above 18mg will suffice.

If you don’t get the right nicotine strength, it can lead to more frequent vaping to compensate and if the strength is too high, you can experience headaches.

If you’re not sure, it is best to start with medium strength and then adjust based on what your needs and preferences are.

PG Vs VG ratio

E liquids are made from 90% Vegetable Glycerol (VG) or Propylene Glycol (PG) and sometimes a blend of both. The other 10% is usually nicotine and other additives. Both base compounds have their upsides and downsides, which is why it is important you get the right ratio depending on what you prefer.

While PG gives more flavour, it produces weak vapour. VG on the other hand has a subtle taste and massive clouds of vapour. Because of the differences in vapour and delivery of flavour, it is essential to find the right balance when using the two main ingredients.

The most commonly used PG to VG ration is 40:60. It provides a balanced blend of flavour and vapour that most users are comfortable with.

It is important to also note that some people are allergic to PG. It might cause hives, itching and difficulty in breathing if you use a PG/VG mix or a pure PG mix. If this is the case, you should consider a pure VG blend or a mix that has a significantly lower ratio of PG.

Take a Test

If you take a quick browse through our E-liquids section you will see the sheer number of different varieties of juices you have. It is enough to overwhelm any vaper whether new or experience. If possible, you can test try some of the flavours you’re seriously considering buying. That way, you are sure the flavour you choose is the perfect one.

You might also want to test the same flavour from different brands because from experience, one brands apple blend is different from the apple blend of another brand.

 Vaping Etiquette

Now that you’re all set up for your first vaping experience, there’s just one more thing you need to tick on your checklist. Even with best vaping equipment, you still need to practice a lot of etiquette to make sure those around you are comfortable.  

The first of rule of vaping is to never vape in a private business, restaurant or bar unless you’re explicitly told it is okay. Even though the vaping clouds don’t carry the annoying tobacco smell, no many people appreciate the vapour. It is best not to vape in public areas.

If you have friends it is also a good idea to ask them if it is okay to vape around them. Even though second-hand vapour is not known to be harmful but it is best to practice some courtesy and make sure your friends are comfortable with you vaping around them.


Even though vaping is an interesting experience, starting on the right foot is important. It might take some time finding the right equipment and e-juice but the trouble will be well worth it. Because you might not know what types of devices or liquid to choose for your first vape, this comprehensive guide offers everything you need to get your journey started.

It has not only covered what devices and juices you should consider but it has also covered some of the accessories and terminologies you might need to know to give you an edge.

To make everything easy for you, you can visit Flawless Vape Shop for all your vaping devices, kits, accessories and juices all in one place. With our diverse catalogue, you will find your device of preference and juice.

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