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Vaping Indoors UK Law - Flawless Vape Shop

Vaping Indoors UK Law

The popularity of vaping has been so drastic that most establishments have been left wondering where they stand with very few embracing vaping even within the premises.

The confusion is even worse for vapers who are not sure what the law is about vaping, especially indoors.

To help clear the air and provide some sense of direction, we dug deep to find out what UK law says about vaping indoors. Where you can vape and where you can’t vape.

Before we go any further, it’s important to note that the UK doesn’t prohibit vaping in public places and workplaces. There’s no law against that. However, the establishment can make its own policies on the use of e-cigarettes within the premises.

Vaping and Indoors UK Law Breakdown

Vaping in the workplace

Most companies in the UK, especially the larger employers, have vaping policies in place. Before you pull out your e-cig, you should familiarise yourself with the policies in your workplace.

Some employers might allow the employees to vape at their desks while others have common rooms and designated areas where vapers can go to enjoy their exploit.

If there’s no written policy on vaping in your workplace, it’s prudent to ask your bosses on what the stand is before you pull out your vape pen. The guidance offered and any rules set will help to keep everyone around the office happy and make it easier for other people to consider vaping as well.

Vaping in Trains

Vaping is banned on all UK trains. Considering the strong move, it’s safe to say that you wouldn’t be allowed to vape at the train stations either.

Vaping at airports and in planes

Just like cigarettes, using electronic cigarettes is prohibited on flights. What’s more, if you decide to vape in the toilet, it can set off the alarm so don’t be tempted to sneak-vape.

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Different airports have different regulations on vaping. Some don't allow while others have designated areas where you can go and vape safely and without any concerns. Before travelling, find out what the policy is at the airport you will be using.

If you intend to take your vaping hardware with you abroad, make sure your destination allows vaping before you get there so you don’t get into any legal problems when you’re abroad.

Vaping while driving

In 2015, smoking was banned in cars with occupants who are under 18 years old. The aim was to protect children from the effects of second-hand smoke.

This ban has not affected vaping because research has shown that breathing in the vapour has no health effects.

But that doesn't absolve you. When vaping, you need to stay alert and focused at all times. If you fail to pay enough attention to the road when vaping, you could be liable for a hefty fine. Also, you should avoid blowing intense vapour towards the windscreen since this could obscure your view.

Vaping in buses and coaches

The policies on vaping inside buses vary from company to company. Before you decide to vape, check with your operator. Most London buses have banned vaping on board. National Express doesn’t allow vaping as well and if you’re caught, they kick you off the bus without a refund. 

Vaping at Sports stadiums

When it comes to vaping in sports stadiums, the policy in place varies from club to club. Old Trafford and other large stadiums like Stamford Bridge have strict policies that prohibit vaping inside the facility.

Smaller clubs have more relaxed rules. Unfortunately, the rules are always changing which makes it hard to identify the clubs that allow vaping in their sports stadiums and which ones are against it.

The safest approach would be to check with the stadium you intend to visit before pulling out your vaping gear.

Vaping in Music Venues

Large music venues (some of which double up as sports stadiums) have banned vaping in the premises. For instance, you can’t vape inside the NEC in Birmingham. But, during the Vaper Expo UK which is held at the same location, they make an exception. This happens only two times a year.

Smaller music venues might not be as strict on vaping. They are not too keen on enforcing the bans but, you should take the safer route and ask the venue owner or members of staff you can vape inside.

Vaping in Hospitals or Hospital Grounds  

Vaping policies vary widely depending on the where you are in the UK and which Hospital you’re in. In Scotland, most hospitals have banned vaping not only inside the hospital but also across the Hospital grounds.

Only the NHS Lothian Trust allows vaping with some reservations. In other areas like Wales and England, there’s no ban on vaping but, the hospitals actively enforce a vaping ban.  

If you’re not sure of what the policy is in the hospital you’re in, kindly enquire from the staff for direction.

Vaping in Pubs, Restaurants and Cafes

Restaurants and Cafes are more lenient on vaping than smoking. There’s no blanket ban on vaping and some establishments might allow you to use your vaping pen. But, if the rules are not only the wall explicitly banning or allowing vaping, it’s best to ask.

Majority of the chain restaurants like Starbucks and KFC have banned vaping across all their branches.

For pubs, it’s also a case of internal policies. Most pubs in the UK have banned vaping inside. If you would like to bring out your vaping gear to play, it’s best to ask for the designated areas to avoid any trouble.

Vaping on Cruise Ships and Ferries

Most cruise companies don’t allow smoking on cabin balconies and there’s a good chance that vaping might follow. However, the general consensus is, you can vape at the designated areas.

Most cruise companies will also not let you vape inside your cabin just as hotels don’t allow you to vape inside the rooms. In general, it’s best to avoid vaping when inside.

 Indoor Vaping Etiquette

When you come across areas that allow you to vape indoors, it’s best to practice some etiquette so everyone is comfortable and you don’t get on their nerves.

Before using a vape pen or any other vaporiser, make sure you ask the manager or other employees if it’s okay to vape. It’s more critical to do this if you’re around younger people and people who don’t smoke or vape.

If the place is packed, be sure to check if those close to you are happy to let you vape just before you fire up your device. If there’s someone around you enjoying their meal, it’s courteous not to vape in front of them.

Even though most places don’t allow vaping inside, if you’re lucky enough to come across such a place, these simple etiquette rules will help you make the most out of the situation and ensure you don’t gross out other people who don’t vape.

Remember, it’s always a good idea to ask if you’re not sure what the policy and you’re not seeing any published warnings around you.

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