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Why is My Vape Crackling and Popping?

Why is My Vape Crackling and Popping?

You just bought your new shiny vape kit or e-cig and as soon as you fire it up, you notice some weird crackling or popping sounds.

From experience, that isn’t a good thing. After all, if it happened to something like your car, you wouldn't even be comfortable taking it out of the driveway.

We are conditioned to listen out for odd sounds and react to them. So, it's no surprise that your first thought was to run for the user manual to check if there's any mention of a crackling sound.

Since you didn’t find anything there, you stumbled on this blog. Lucky for you, you will get everything you need on why your vape is crackling.

Are popping and crackling noise normal?

If you’re a starter to vaping, it’s perfectly fine to get alarmed when you hear strange crackling noises from your e-cig. Most users will even jump to shut down the e-cigarette out of fear the device might be failing.

However, an e-cig crackling and popping shouldn’t be a cause for alarm. On the contrary, it’s something normal that happens when you’re vaping. It’s normal to hear it every time you vape depending on the vape gear you're using and the e-liquid, so you have nothing to be worried about.

What causes crackling sound?

When vaping, you're taking an e-liquids and heating it up rapidly using an extremely hot coil. It's the same as taking water and dumping it onto a hot frying pan sitting in an open flame.

In the case of vaping, the coil takes the vape juice and turns it into vapour instantly. As a result, you get the clouds of vapour you send out so proudly.

The action of the liquid gets in contact with the hot coil is what causes the crackling sound. Simply put, the crackling sound is a by-product of your e-juice being turned into vapour.

That said, you should be more worried about not hearing the crackling sound than when you hear it. The sound is proof that your device is working perfectly and the coil is heating up as expected.

Should I be comfortable with all the sounds from my vape device?

There are other sounds other than crackling that vapers have reported hearing from their devices. The most common is a hissing sound when using the device. Others have also reported hearing a hissing and crackling sound at the same time.

It’s likely that your e-cig will make other sounds. But, in most cases, you have nothing to worry about. Whether the sound is a hiss or a crackle, the device is bound to make some noise when you use. But, you shouldn’t spend too much time worrying about it.

Should I ever be concerned?

Even though the crackling is a normal phenomenon, there are other signs to look out for that might indicate there's more going on inside the vape device than the normal vapourising process.

For instance, if the crackling is accompanied by the vaping juice moving up the mouthpiece in its liquid form, something is probably wrong.

If the crackle becomes more a gurgle, it’s also not a good sign. In most cases, a gurgle points to a flooded tank and that could spell problems for you.

A flooded vape tank can leave a nasty mark on your vaping experience and even damage your vaping hardware. If you hear a gurgling sound, it’s best to investigate further and see what could be causing it.

Also, keep an ear out, so the popping and crackling is not too much, especially when using a sub-ohm device. Excessive crackling can turn out to be an issue so you should pay close attention. In most cases, a few turns and adjustments should get you back to your normal vaping routine.

After using your e-cig for a while, it should be easy to tell when the sound the device is making is out of the ordinary. However, in most cases, crackling sounds are the norm.

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