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What is Vape Box Mod?

What is Vape Box Mod?

One of the benefits of vaping is a multitude of vaping devices. The different types of devices are designed to support various levels of vapers on provide a pleasant experience.

The most basic is vape pens and starter kits. These require minimal settings and some even come prefilled with e-juice. These are perfect for beginners who want devices that are easy to use and have simple performance demands.

Vape box mods are built to cater to the needs of intermediate and experienced vapers who demand more from their vaping devices.

What is a vape box mod?

Vape box mods are also called mechanical vape mods. These are powerful and upgraded vaping devices. They are common among vapers that love producing huge clouds and are more adept at vaping.

Other than the intense vape clouds, the devices are also known for their superior throat hit and enhanced vape liquid flavour production.

Box mods come in different types:

  • Regulated mods
  • Unregulated mods
  • Pen mods
  • Box mods

Each type offers different features, shape and vaping style. Typically that means that each type of vape box mod attracts a specific group of vapers.

How to Vape Box Mods Work?

Like other vaping devices, vape box mods comprise of multiple parts that work harmoniously to provide an excellent vaping experience. They comprise of;

  • The tank – in some varieties, the tank is stainless steel while in others, it is made from Pyrex glass. 
  • Vape CoilsThe coils can be pre-built or hand-built. Pre-built coils are more common because they are easier to find and simpler to use. Box mod coils have a great surface area and produce more vapour. 
  • Controller box – The controller box has the battery and controls that regulate the resistance, ohms and wattage of the box mod. With the box mod, you can customise your vaping experience by tweaking the multiple combinations to your preference. For additional safety, controller boxes of some box mods also feature temperature and an overuse protection.
  • E-Cig Battery Lastly, the box mod needs a source of power. This is provided by the batteries. Most box mods come with rechargeable batteries that have a longer life compared to those of personal vaporizers. 

Benefits of Vape Box Mods

Customisation – Box mods allow you to customise various aspects of your vaping experience. These include the wattage and temperature control to ensure you hit that elusive vaping sweet spot.

Long battery life – Compared to electronic e-cigs and vaping pens, box mods have larger batteries that last longer. The longer-lasting batteries allow you to vape longer and more frequently within the day before you need to recharge your device.

Sub-ohm vaping – Cloud chasers can’t get enough of sub-ohm vaping. With a box mod vaporizer, you can attach a sub-ohm atomizer for less resistance and with such improvements, you can also enjoy better flavours and throat hit from your device.

If you’re tired of using limiting devices and want to have more control over your vaping experience, vape box mods are the way to go.  

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