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  • Wotofo Vape Tool Kit

    Wotofo Vape Tool Kit


    The Wotofo Vape Tool Kit features all the tools you'll need for maintaining your rebuildable atomisers! From winding coils to trimming cotton, this...

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  • Coilmaster Kit v3 - Flawless Vape Shop

    Coil Master Kit v3

    By Coil Master

    The newest Coil Master DIY Kit V3 is a perfect all-in-one kit for DIY users. All tools are High-Quality made to reach various needs of users. Coil ...

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  • Coilmaster Mini DIY Kit V2

    Coilmaster Mini DIY Kit V2

    By Coil Master

    Coil Master Mini DIY Kit V2 features the right tool for the right job: the Coil Master DIY Mini Kit V2 is designed for the vaper who requires trie...

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  • Tauren Beast Vape Tool Kit

    Tauren Beast Vape Tool Kit

    By Tauren

    The Tauren Beast Tool Kit by Thunderhead creations is a great kit for coil builders especially for those on the go, its super compact size mak...

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Coil Building Kit

If you are looking for a vape coil building kit, you have probably decided to rebuild and customise your own atomizer. There is a risk of short-circuiting if you don't do it right, but the reward obtained is satisfying because your DIY atomizer makes your vaping experience feel more enhanced. To do that, you need the right material and the right amount of it. Finding this on your own can be a lot of hassle and stressful. Fret not as Flawless Vape Shop UK have got you covered.

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Here at Flawless Vape Shop, we are selling kits from trusted providers such as Coil Master, WOTOFO and Dovpo. They contain all the equipment and materials you need for building your atomizer, but before we get started, what does it mean to build your atomizer? ...

Rebuildable Vape Atomizers

A rebuildable atomizer (RBA) is a general name for all kind of atomizers which allow you to assemble and build the coils instead of replacing the whole coil head. You can build atomizers at any desired resistance. A rebuildable atomizer offers the most customizable vaping experience possible and is capable of generating the greatest vapor and flavor production. It is often considered to be only used for advanced vapers, but actually, it is relatively easy to use if you have the necessary knowledge and takes only a little practice.

These atomizers can be divided into three types:

  • Rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA)
  • Rebuildable tank atomizer (RTA)
  • Rebuildable dripping tank atomizer (RDTA)

Rebuildable Vape Dripping Atomizer (RDA)

Referred to as a rebuildable dripper, it doesn't have the airtight tank for containing e-juice. The e-liquid is dripped directly onto the exposed coil and wick where it essentially free-based into massive clouds of vapour. It needs to drop liquid after a few puffs and the wicks need to be changed sometime later. This method gives better flavour and vapour production when compared to RTA. This is because the liquid is fresh when it is heated by the coil.

Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA)

Compared to RDA, the RTA has the deck to rebuild, but it also has an airtight tank as a reservoir to hold the e-juice that is absorbed by the wick. The tank can be plastic, glass or metal. Most of RTA has four parts: drip tip, tank, chimney, and deck. After building and filling, it can deliver continuous vaping for a particular time before having to be refilled. This method is recommended for more causal vapers as the tank does not have to be filled with liquid as quickly as when using an RDA.

Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer (RDTA)

The RDTA combines elements from both RDA and RTA, i.e., a tank to contain juice, and a deck that’s rebuildable – the two parts are separated. This is the tank which incorporates the best of both worlds.

Benefits of RBA

Rebuildable Atomizers are much cheaper than buying a ready-made atomizer from the producers. You can also add your touch to your mod. It creates better flavour and better vapour production. You're less likely to run out of coils, meaning, you can always vape. The best benefit of all is the rewarding experience after you build your atomizer.

Using Coil-Building Kits

Coil-building kits are prepared by the best in the vaping industry to help lessen the hassle and load of finding proper equipment and materials. Inside these Coil-building kits, you would get a decent number of essential tools, including a pair of pliers, scissors, a screwdriver, ceramic or non-ceramic tweezers, wire, jigs, and cotton. At the Flawless Vape Shop UK, each kit contains different materials to suit your need, so you won't look for anything else! If you do not have an ohm’s reader, please do not attempt to build your coils.

Now that you have all the supplies you need before you get started wrapping coils you will want to figure out how many wraps your coil will need to have to reach the desired resistance. To do this, there are various computing tools available on the net. All you need to do is input the desired strength and other details, and it would show you the number of coils required. Also, make sure to use the coiling jigs provided in the kit as the coil produced using this are much better and you can remove slack using a 3mm screwdriver which is provided.

Why Choose Flawless Vape Shop?

Flawless Vape Shop offers the best materials in the business. We make sure that each of our customers is satisfied to fulfil their vaping needs! We only desire one thing, and that is to provide the best for you! We offer free shipping across the country for every purchase of over £20 in a single transaction. Yup, you read it right, it's free!

We uphold a high-quality standard so you can be sure that each product that you would buy from us is a cut above the rest. We also provide a wide variety of products for vaping, not just coil-building kits so that you need not look anywhere else!