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12mg Vape Juice

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If you’re a heavy smoker transitioning into vaping, most low concentration nicotine vape juices might not satisfy your nicotine demand. The same case applies to experienced vapers with a love for nicotine.

Ideally, starting with a low concentration of nicotine like our 3mg collection is the best approach. If that doesn’t work, you can upgrade to 6mg and finally to our 12mg nicotine concentration vape juices.

Our collection promises the most exhilarating vaping experience and ensures an unmatched throat hit. Getting the right throat hit is specifically crucial if you're looking to quit smoking successful.

At Flawless Vape, we are on top of things with regards to your vaping experience. Our collection of 12mg nicotine vape juices is the most complete covering various leading brands and brewers like Doozy Vape Co, IVG, Red Liquid, and Dinner Lady, among others.

In addition to our vast collection of 12mg vape juice brands, the juices come in a wide range of flavours to cover all palettes. The flavours range from the familiar and beloved fruity flavours to the more complex and sophisticated dessert flavours. The collection also includes exotic fruit flavours like Kiwi cool and also Cookie dough flavours.

Whether you’re in the mood for something specific or feeling adventurous, with our selection of 12mg vape juices, you’re fully catered for.

Quality Tested Vape Juices

With regards to quality among vapers, diversity and quality are the two most important things and Flawless Vape excels at guaranteeing you don’t settle for anything else.

All our nicotine vape juices are randomly tested to check for TPD compliance, the quality of the ingredients used, and the composition, as well as the freshness of each bottle.

We also ensure we only deal with reputable brand names that share the same vision and goal for quality vape products for our customers to guarantee the best vaping experience for vapers at all levels.

Leading Vape Distributor in the UK

The best decision you can make as a vaper is finding a vaping supplier that is not only capable of satisfying your vaping needs but also investing in ensuring that you get quality vaping products always.

As one of the leading vape distributors in the UK, Flawless Vape is dedicated to always providing our broad customer base with the best and most diverse vape products catalogue in the UK.

To achieve this, we have an extensive network of suppliers and manufacturers whose products we distribute. For some of the brands, we are the sole distributor meaning you can only find their products in our stores.

Being our customer, you get access to all the exclusive products and also enjoy all the new vape products and vape juices first before everyone else.

Why Choose Flawless Vape?

  • We have invested heavily in providing our customers with an excellent online experience. This includes having an experienced customer support team, and a fast and efficient shipping process that delivers all UK orders by the next workday.
  • If you spend £30 or more in our store, we will have your order delivered to you free of charge.
  • We offer a same day dispatch guarantee for all orders placed before 5 PM on workdays.