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Candy Floss E-Liquid

Candy Floss is a rather popular vape liquid flavour, especially in the United States of America, where it is known as Cotton Candy. The flavour has changed how vapers view sugar by providing excellent tasting vape liquids that guarantee exceptional results.

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The flavour relies on the cotton candy-making process as the foundation for their flavourful vape liquids, which have become one of the most popular worldwide.

The candy floss flavour is easy to replicate and numerous vaping brands have jumped on the opportunity to provide a delectable range of candy floss flavoured vape liquids.

Brands With the Best Candy Floss Flavour

Numerous brands have jumped on the candy floss train. But only a handful have managed to create memory-worth flavours that you would love to keep trying.

Cloud Candy

The blue floss flavour from Cloud Candy blends the fluffy carnival candy floss flavour with a sweet blue raspberry flavouring. The combination of the two flavours creates an excellent e-liquid that every sweet-toothed vaper would love to try.

We stock the blue floss flavour in 100ml vape juice shortfills that don't contain nicotine. If you prefer to have nicotine when vaping, there's space within the bottle to add the nicotine shot.

Chuffed Sweets

Chuffed Sweets is a reputable brand that offers an extensive range of vape liquid flavours ranging from sweet slushing to delicious desserts. The brand has something for everyone, including several flavours of candy floss flavoured e-liquids:

  • Toffee candy floss – The toffee candy floss flavour fuses two classics to create another timeless flavour. The sweetness of candy topped by the creaminess of sticky toffee makes this flavour almost irresistible.
  • Strawberry candy floss – Just because you’re a candy lover doesn’t mean you can enjoy some natural goodness as well. This strawberry candy floss helps to water down the sweetness of candy floss and add the juiciness of strawberries.
  • Blue raspberry candy floss – This flavour is very similar to the one from Cloud Candy. However, this one has a touch of maturity, merging the best of both worlds to create an excellent flavour that is nothing short of what you would expect from Chuffed Sweets.

Kingstone E-liquids

This is another vape liquid brand that is riding high on the wave of candy floss flavoured e-liquids. Kingstone has three delectable candy floss themed flavours, each offers a unique experience:

  • Strawberry – This is a delicious milkshake flavour that incorporates several classics, including vanilla ice cream, creamy milk and sharp strawberries. Even though this isn't the most authentic candy floss flavours, it's highly sort after because it creates a unique twist in flavour, and it's smooth and gentle on the tastebuds.
  • Sweet candy floss toffee – For vapers with a sweet tooth and looking for a close recreation of candy floss, Kingstone has the sweet candy floss toffee that is sweet and satisfying with a touch of the classic touch of toffee.
  • Blue Raspberry – Slushy lovers will fall in love with what this candy floss flavour has to offer. It's a blend of luscious, sweet blue raspberries with a touch of menthol, bringing to life a practical and lovable taste.

Quality Tested Vape Juices

We understand the adverse impact that low quality or stale vape liquids can have on your vaping experience. That is why we take the quality of the vape juices we sell seriously. We randomly test every batch of vape liquids we receive from our suppliers, and we confirm the quality of the ingredients used.

With Flawless Vape, you never have to worry about landing on a bad vape liquid bottle and experiencing suffering the burnt taste first-hand. We guarantee the quality of our e-juices so you can have full confidence in trying out our diverse range of flavours.