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Clapton Coils

Clapton coils are highly sort after in the vaping circles because of their flavour-rich experience. This type of coil features a thinner gauge wire tightly wrapped around a thicker gauge core. Because of its unique build, the coil has a slower warm-up time but is often preferred by most vapers because of its incredible performance once it reaches optimum temperature. 

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Types of Fused Clapton Coils

Fused Clapton Coils

Fused Clapton coils have multiple wires wrapped together with thinner outer wire and is often called the ‘Twisted Messes.’

Fused Clapton coils come in varying options for DL and MTL vaping and are available in different diameters and resistances and have a faster ramp-up time than the standard Clapton's that have the same resistance.

Staggered fused Claptons

Staggered fused Claptons have a thinner gauge wire that is wrapped around a dual Clapton core. The cores, as well as the staggered outer wrap all, work together to increase the surface area and additional texture.

While staggered Clapton coils have a slow heating time, they provide better flavour compared to standard Clapton varieties.

Staggered fused Claptons come in low resistances for DL vaping, are thick, and require large post holes or a clamp style deck, that has a thin wire wrapped around two parallel Clapton cores and take more time and expertise to make.

Alien Clapton

Alien Claptons are a de-cored Clapton that is wrapped around a multi-strand core. They are similar to the fused Clapton, but have an outer wrap with a distinct texture. Aliens Clapton's provide a substantial surface area, but that also means they are slow to heat up.

Other features of alien Clapton's include low resistance for sub-ohm vaping, require a large post hole, or clamp-style deck because of their thick build, have three or more parallel cores and require mastery to make. 

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