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Vaporesso Coils

Coils are an essential part of your vaping hardware. The flavour and cloud production you get is heavily dependent on the type of coil you have and are commonly regarded as the heart of your vaping journey.

Coils make an easy and effective way of customising your vaping experience. Vaporesso has come up with an extensive range of coils tailored to deliver various vaping experiences.

Depending on the type of coil you choose from the Vaporesso coils range, you can expect anything from the traditional cotton wicks to state of the art CCELL ceramic varieties. Other than the features, one more thing you will need to check when buying a new coil is the resistance, and Vaporesso has coils at all resistance levels to ensure the best vaping experience for all types of vapers.

Why Choose Vaporesso Coils?


Size in terms of the diameter of the coil is a crucial factor. Small coils give stronger and richer flavours while larger ones produce thicker clouds. As such, finding a sweet balance depending on your preference is vital.

Vaporesso offers coils of various sizes, making it easy for vapers to find the best suited to their vaping style and needs. It's also important to note that the size of the coil can impact its airflow. 


The resistance level of the coil is the second-most important factor. Most experienced vapours even consider resistance as the most essential.

There’s a direct association between the output of the vaping device and the resistance of the coil. If the output is high, the resistance of the coil should be low. To make it easy to find a coil that pairs with your device, Vaporesso offers coils in a vast range of resistances. That also means you can find the resistance that provides the performance and experience you want.


At times finding compatible coils can be a challenge. If the coil is not compatible with the tank or cartridge, it won’t work. Vaporesso solves this problem by using universal measurements and parts that make their variety of coils compatible with most vaping devices in the market. 

With Vaporesso coils, quality and performance are assured. At Flawless Vape, we have an extensive collection of Vaporesso coils that can enhance your vaping experience.

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