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Innokin Zenith Coils

Finding replacement coils for your Innonkin Zenith sub-ohm tank doesn’t have to be a nightmare. You can find quality replacement coils for various Innokin tanks at Flawless Vape, and we offer the same at competitive and reasonable prices. 

There are various tanks that are compatible with the Zenith coils, which have since rebranded to the Z- coil. These include the Zenith, Zenith D22, Zlide and the Zenith Pro.

In addition to the coils being compatible with various tanks in the Z-class, the coils also offer multiple features and resistances and are suitable for vaping at different wattages.

Features of the Innokin Zenith Coils

There are five different coils that work with all the Innokin Z tanks range. Each of the coils has a distinct feature set for superb vaping sessions filled with flavour and dense clouds of vapour. 

Coil Material

For durability and consistent resistance, the Innokin Zenith coils are made from Kanthal. Kanthal not only provides better performance but is also more durable, lasting up to 4 times more than nichrome and has a better ability to resist oxidation, allowing the coil to remain useful for longer. 

Wick Material

The 1.6-ohm and 0.8-ohm coils use organic cotton as the wick materials, while the other four types of coils ranging from 0.48 to 1.2 ohms use a blend of wood pulp and organic cotton. Natural wicking materials allow the wicking material to hold more e-liquid and not impact the flavour when vaporised. 

Vape Style

Innokin Zenith Coils are best suited for MTL vaping. For vapers that want something a little different, the Z-coil 1.0 ohms is an RDL which offers some change when you want a harder throat hit.


The recommended power range of the coils is diverse, which is an excellent benefit because different vapers have varying preferences on the wattage that produces the best results for them. By having varying power outputs, the coils can provide the perfect sweet spot for every vaper. The coils' power ranges from 10 to 25 watts.

For vapers that prefer a high power output, the Z-Coil 1.0 ohms is the best, with a 20-25W recommended power range for the best performance.

At Flawless Vape, we understand that vapers are always looking for a different experience. That is why we have bundled the Innokin Zenith coils and packaged them to make it easier and affordable for you to try the different options and see what they have to offer.

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