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Barebones and Unholy Set by Deathwish Modz

Barebones and Unholy Set by Deathwish Modz

by Deathwish Modz

The amazing new tube & RDA by Deathwish Modz is here! Bask in the glory of the BAREBONES mod and UNHOLY V2 RDA!

The tube is designed to be powered by either a 18650 cell or a 20700 cell! A smart contact system (that is easily swapped to change battery size on the fly) prevents arcing on the battery contacts. This beauty of a tube is 26mm wide, as the amazing Unholy V2!

The Unholy V2 is a beast of an RDA, that is simple yet INCREDIBLY efficient! Two MASSIVE posts (with extremely sturdy 4mm grub screws) will hold your coils in place, and a ball-bearing system within the posts will make sure everything stays locked in place.

Featuring an incased ball bearing within the post itself, it allows for new installation possibilities! Using a lead on top and one at the bottom of the ball bearing, you can install any coils as you would do in a velocity-styled deck - or you can install both leads under the ball bearing for a firm grip on your coils.

Here's what's included with the BAREBONES kit :

  • The BAREBONES tube.
  • The Unholy RDA V2
  • 18650 contact pin + delrin sleeve
  • Contact tool for easy switch between 18650 and 20700 cells
  • Misc parts.
Deathtrap 24mm RDA - Flawless Vape Shop

Deathtrap 24mm RDA

by Deathwish Modz

Deathtrap 24, is the minified RDA modeled on the Deathtrap 30mm. Featuring the same unique deck you loved on the Deathtrap 30mm RDA, this adjusted model will now sit flush on most squonk boxes and tube mods! With the included BF pin (and a regular 510 pin), you'll be benefiting from the amazing deck space of the Deathtrap with the steady flow of the squonk bottle!

Available in silver or black, the Deathtrap RDA has as an innovative side deck system; a combination of bottom and side adjustable airflow gives you great control over your vape.

Evil Twin Stacked Set By Deathwish Modz

Evil Twin Stacked Set By Deathwish Modz

by Deathwish Modz

Deathwish Modz Evil Twin Stacked Set features a demonic duo with the Evil Twin Stack Mech MOD & the Unholy RDA V2. With its devilish engraved design, the Evil Twin Mech MOD is a series mechanical mod that stacks two 18650 or 20650 in series for a staggering power boost. The Unholy v2 RDA is similarly innovative, utilizing a uniquely constructed build deck that uses a ball-bearing in each post to clamp down on inserted leads. Supplied in various colours, Gunmetal, Stainless, Brass and Copper right here at Flawless!

Comes with:

  • The Unholy RDA V2.
  • Special design sleeve for 18650 compatibility.
  • Hybrid top contact disc.
  • Misc parts.