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Some of our other flavoured E-Liquids include Tobacco E-Liquid, Coffee E-Liquid, and Apple E-Liquid.

Vaping is relatively new and not much research has gone into determining its full effects. However, one thing that is certain is that e-liquids don’t contain the same harmful ingredients used in cigarettes.

Quality e-liquids are made from common, food-grade ingredients which are relatively safe. They don’t contain chemicals like tar, hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide or benzene which are found in cigarettes.

Some of the ingredients used to make vape juices include:

  • Propylene Glycol – PG
  • Vegetable Glycerin – VG
  • Nicotine ( in some varieties)
  • Food flavourings

The ingredients might vary slightly depending on the brand and flavour of e-liquid you want. But these are the main ingredients which feature in virtually every bottle of e-liquid.

Is Dessert e liquid the best?

The best bottle of vape juice to pick is based on personal preference. While some vapers prefer the various dessert blends that we offer, other vapers prefer menthol, fruity flavours or bubblegum flavours.

For most people, the fruity and drink flavoured vape juices are the most common when starting to vape. These blends have an easy throat hit and excellent taste when they land in your mouth. Intermediate vapers looking to enhance the vaping experience and become bolder incline towards the bubblegum and menthol flavours.

Bubblegum flavours are more complex and less overwhelming while menthol varieties have a more mature taste and a bit of a kick to them.

The most important thing as a vaper is to chart your own path by trying out a variety of flavours and picking the one that appeals most to you. At the end of the day, what matters most is that your preferred vape juice does the trick for you.

Quality Tested Juices

When it comes to vape juices, quality is essential. Poor quality and stale juices can easily ruin your experience by leaving a burnt or stale taste in your mouth. At Flawless Vape Shop, we are keen on ensuring our customers only get the best brewed and high-quality e-liquids.

To ensure this, we only stock e-liquids from reputable manufacturers who take quality as seriously as we do. As an additional layer of precaution, we also run independent in-house tests on the products we receive before making them available to our customers. This is our own little way of ensuring that our customers don’t have to worry about getting low-quality vape juices or a bottle that is passed its sell-by date.

UK’s Leading Vape Distributor

As one of the leading vape distributors in the UK, we have a reputation to protect. We are trusted by thousands of vapers to supply them with quality vaping products over the years and we have not failed.

We have an extensive network in the vaping industry and we are a preferred supplier for most of the leading brands and exclusive supplier for some of them. If you’re looking for a reliable vaping supplier that is keen on quality and diversity, Flawless Vape Shop is your solution.