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  • OFRF NexMESH Sub-Ohm Tank Replacement Coil

    OFRF NexMESH Sub-Ohm Tank Replacement Coil

    By OFRF

    The OFRF NexMesh Tank Replacement Coils are designed for a powerful taste experience with your favourite traditional vape juice. If you're looking ...

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  • OFRF nexMESH coil 0.15ohm

    OFRF nexMESH coil 0.15ohm

    By OFRF

    The nexMESH SS316L has a resistance of 0.15 ohms and delivers amazing flavour profiles without the risk of dry hit at between 350F-540F / 180c-280c...

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  • OFRF NexMESH Sub-Ohm Tank

    OFRF NexMESH Sub-Ohm Tank

    By OFRF

    The nexMESH 25mm Sub-Ohm Tank features the industries first canonical designed mesh coil! This revolutionary sub-ohm tank from OFRF is designed for...

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OFRF Nexmesh

OFRF is relatively new to the vaping world. The company specialises in making mesh coils and tanks. The brand has made several successful products and continues to make a splash by making incredible coils and tanks for many popular brands, among them Smok and WOTOFO.

Depending on what you’re looking for, OFRF has an excellent range of products that you’re going to love. Each product is carefully designed to extract the most flavour and deliver thick clouds of vapour.

OFRF Product Range

OFRF has a vast product range, particularly when considering the devices and hardware they have made in conjunction with other brands, including pods. However, it also has products that it has designed and built exclusively. These include:

nexMesh Sub-ohm Tank

The OFRF nexMesh sub-ohm tank is a one-of-a-kind that is causing a stir among vape. The tank has a vast range of quality features that guarantee quality and premium performance.

OFRF touts this as the first conical sub-ohm tank in the market. It features a funnel-like coil instead of the usual cylindrical-shaped options. This coil design helps increase flavour production by allowing the airflow to hit more of the mesh coil on the way up.

The OFRF nexMesh sub-ohm tank is 25mm wide, designed for big DL vapers. It comes with two OFRF coils. These are the 0.20-ohm A1 nexMesh conical coil which is pre-installed, and a 0.15-ohm SS 316L conical coil.

The tank has a 4ml standard capacity but also comes with a 5.5ml bubble glass coil. A push-to-fill refill system, threadless-coil swap and shock-proof PCGT tank section are among the other notable features this stand-out tank offers.

OFRF nexMesh 0.15-ohm Coils

OFRF offers various configurations of coils using the nexMesh technology. The o.15ohm resistance coils are among the most popular of this range of coils. TheThe coils are made from stainless steel 316L and are designed to deliver amazing flavour profiles while minimising the risk of a dry hit in the temperature range of between 180-2800C. The temperature range of this coils is between 150 - 2800C.

This range of coils is conical in design. It is the first conical mesh temperature control enabled coil. It’s perfect for vapers that prefer temperature-controlled vaping. For cloud chasers and vapers that equally love their flavour and vapour, this range of coils allows you to get the most out of your device and your vape juice.

OFRF nexMESH 0.13-ohm Coils

The OFRF nexMESH 0.13ohm coils are the next-generation mesh coils featuring density mesh netting that delivers an unbelievable flavour that you can't get from traditional coils. The 0.13-ohm coils have a uniform mesh weave that has three times more holes than standard mesh. It delivers rapid power transfer for lighting fast heating.

The design of the coils also allows for thicker vapour production and effective airflow. For vapers that love taking big hits, this set of coils is perfect for those flavour-filled draws with thick clouds of vapour.

The lower resistance of the coils means you can vape at higher wattages for the best vaping. Other than the substantial flavour difference, these coils also reduce spit back for more enjoyable vaping.

OFRF nexMESH Sub-ohm Tank Replacement Coils

With the OFRF nexMESH replacement coils, you can enjoy a powerful taste experience using your favourite traditional vape juice. The coils deliver a powerful and warm throat hit with fantastic flavour and impressive vapour production.

The A1 coils, as it is also known, have a thicker mesh weave with an operating resistance of 0.20ohms. The coil delivers amazing flavours profiles between 75W-85W.

The coil is made from stainless steel 316L. It has a conical design and is among the first temperature-controlled enabled coils from OFRF. For experienced vapers who love temperature vaping, this coil will fine-tune your vaping experience to deliver amazing flavours with the risk of dry hits.

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