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Ohm Boy

Expertly crafted with a perfect blend of different ingredients, Ohm Boy, has been widely known for their delicious short fill e-liquid flavours. Ohm Boy has a unique story to tell about how they started. Ohm Boy was just an ordinary vaper and won a trip to outer space coming from his favourite cereals, the Moon Loops. As he travels out of space, he realises that his remaining e-liquid is no longer enough.

With that, he salvaged the scraps from the wreckage around him and developed out of this world flavours that would blow the mind of humans. Sounds absurd, but that’s how their brand was known on the market today. However, aside from their e-liquids, Ohm Boy also offer various vape products like mods and coils.

As a growing and well-known vaping company in the industry, Flawless Vape Shop trust them in offering quality tested products that are all made to satisfy the needs of the consumers. We’ve got you covered on your Ohm Boy need and let you experience it first hand from our collection!

Mods, E-Liquid, and Coils

Being in the industry for years, it seems that Ohm Boy had perfected its flavours and developed the quality of its vape products. They have a range of affordable premium flavours that are well-known on the market with its incredible taste and diverse selection. They will have a flavour for you too!

At Flawless Vape Shop, we’ve got most of their products including Grimm Green RDA, Jabane E-liquid, Yucatan, Apple Pleased, Moo Mooni, Smurt’s Squirt, Desire Mod, and Twin Coils. Each product has been carefully selected and checked if it passes the quality tests to ensure the overall user experience is fantastic.

UK’s Leading Vape Distributor

Enjoy the classic fruity combinations to utterly delicious e-liquids made by Ohm Boy! Flawless Vape Shop is one of the leading vape distributors in the UK that is known for having an extensive collection of vape products, accessories, and hardware that you will need. Currently, we have over 4,000 of products that you can find, and each of it is quality tested to give promising results to all our consumers.

Why Choose Flawless Vape Shop?

Treat your taste buds with the most flavourful e-liquid or advanced mods and kits to match your preferences! Flawless Vape Shop is a one-stop shop that gives you everything you will need on your vaping journey. Aside from that, we give you a whole new experience with perks such as the following:

  • Get free delivery service for over £20 purchases.
  • Same day dispatch to get the product right away!
  • All products have been quality tested and give assurance on what you will get.
  • We are exclusive distributors of top brand products.