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Pocket Fuel E Liquid

Vaping is supposed to be fun and exciting and Pocket Fuel understands this better than most brewers. That’s why they take a fun, bubbly and fresh approach on their range of e-liquid flavours.

Everything about Pocket Fuel e-liquids stands out. From the packaging to the flavours and the names, everything screams fun, enjoyment and summer. However, the flavours are perfect every day and during all seasons.

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Pocket Fuel was established in the year 2000. Since then, be brewer has come up with 12 delectable e-juice flavours which come in bottles in 10 and 50ml. The 80/20 VG/PG mix makes this brand ideal for cloud chasers, but there is plenty of flavours to enjoy as well.

Pocket Fuel E-Liquid Flavour Range

Pocket Fuel has up to 12 different flavours of e-juice that you can try out. Each of them offers a different and fun experience. While each of them is worth a try, there are several that stand out and happen to be quite popular among vapers.


As the name suggests, the Rainbow flavour is candy and fruity inspired making it a nice option for vapers that love mixed fruity vapes.

This flavour packs a variety of flavours, each of them carefully blended making it hard to separate the flavours. Within the explosion of candied fruits, you will notice a bit of gummy pear-type flavour and a hint of citrus to balance the palette.

Cherry Pie

The strong aroma of hard cherry drops that leaves the mouth of the bottle as soon as you open the lid is unmistakable.

The flavour has a unique bakewell tart with a sugary base that are dominant on both the inhale and exhale. The name doesn’t get close to describing the fruity, blackcurrant-like explosion that enters your mouth when you vape this flavour.

Pink Fizz

Pink Fizz is the perfect vape juice to try if you’re looking for new, never experienced before flavour. The unmistakable flavour of red cherries is only the tip of the iceberg on what you can expect.

There are possible undertones of raspberries or strawberries and a champagne feel towards the end of the inhale and into the exhale.

Other incredible Pocket Fuel flavours that are a must-try include Melba, Candy Cane, Strawberry shake, Blackberry grape Spritz, and Menthol Mist.

Quality, Tested Vape Juice

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