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Vozol Disposable Vapes

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    The unique and handy Vozol Bar 500 has a gradient colour body with a smart line appearance design. The mouthpiece is ergonomically designed, which ...

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    Original price £2.60
    Original price £2.60 - Original price £4.99
    Original price £2.60
    Current price £1.20
    £1.20 - £1.20
    Current price £1.20
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Do you feel like you’ve tasted all disposable vapes available today? You haven't tasted superior flavours with pure nicotine unless you puff the Vozol disposable vapes. Other than the ergonomic designs, Vozol mouthpieces fit perfectly in your mouth. This means you will enjoy the comfort of the mouthpiece curves even when vaping for long periods.

With the increasing number of disposable brands, new vapers are scared of leaking devices and their possible effects. But the Vozol disposable vapes have high-density absorbent cotton that ensures the utmost efficiency of the e-liquid. This means the Vozol disposable vapes casing has no leakage space

Why You Should Use Vozol disposable vapes

Start buttons that come with some vape brands can be quite confusing for first-time vapers to use. The Vozol disposable vapes, however, are ready to use straight from the box. You only need to inhale on the mouthpiece to power the vape and stop inhaling to turn it off. However, with time you will need to learn your puff management to help extend the Vozol disposable vape's lifespan.

The Vozol disposable vapes also come built-in with high-capacity batteries ranging between 450mAh to 600mAh. In addition, the batteries come with strong support power that gives over 500 puffs. However, depending on your budget, you can also have up to 1200 puffs from disposable devices.

Currently, Vozol disposable vapes are not rechargeable or refillable, so you are free to carry them with you at all times. You don’t need to worry about how you’d refill the kits. All that’s expected of you is appropriate disposal once the device runs out of e-liquid.

Using the Vozol disposable vapes offers you different nicotine concentrations. This makes the disposables best for all people groups, from those vaping for the first time to those switching from smoking and those intending to reduce their nicotine intake.

Vozol disposable vapes products & categories

The company divides the Vozol disposables into different categories, each with unique features and prices. This means you will easily choose your preferred Vozol vape by reviewing the product’s features and specifications.

The different Vozol disposable vapes that you can choose from include the following:

Vozol bar 500 disposable vape

In this category, you will find Vozol vape pens with 500 puffs which is equal to 25 cigarettes. This means this vape is awesome for anyone transitioning from smoking. You will have to cut your cigarette costs and replace them with some affordable vozol kit.  This vape category offers 20mg of nicotine with a 2ml e-liquid capacity.

These vape pens come in different flavour options to suit the needs of everyone. You can choose from iced mango, sweet bean ice, lychee ice, frozen banana, orange soda and many more.


Battery capacity: 450mAh; Puffs: 500 puffs; Nicotine: 20mg; E-liquid: 2ml; Coil Resistance:  1.8ohms; Draw activated; Vozol star series- Rechargeable disposables

Vozol 1200 disposables

The Vozol bar 1200 is a pre-filled disposable with improved e-liquid flavours. The capacity shoots to 4ml, which is quite huge for new vapers and can last for a considerable period. The 1200 puffs in this vape pen is the equivalent of 75 cigarettes.

For anyone interested in vaping but doesn’t one to overspend on a refillable option, the Vozol 1200 edition is ideal. You are also entitled to over 15 flavours without changing coils and refilling mess.


Battery capacity: 700mAh; Nicotine content: 0mg, 20mg, and 50mg; Puffs: 1200puffs; E-liquid: 2ml, 4ml; Coil Resistance: 1.8; Draw activated firing mechanism

How to get the most of your Vozol disposable vape

The Vozol disposable vapes have very little specification difference compared to other vape pens. Despite being a disposable vape, here are the tips for maintaining the peak performance of your Vozol disposable vape every time  you take your puff;

Store in a cool dry place

Vozol disposable vapes have built-in batteries that need to be placed in cool and dry places. This will help prolong the disposable vape's battery life and preserve the e-liquid at room temperature.

Inhale slow and steadily

Once you have torn the disposable vape from its box, it is best that your first puff be slow and steady. This helps ensure you get the most out of the flavour in your device. Maintaining the coil and wick in the vape is also important, ensuring they work at their optimal temperature.

Try different flavours

Is it your first time vaping? Imagine how it would feel about buying a 4ml flavour that's not as pleasant as you expected. So, advisably start small with the 2ml Vozol disposable vapes as your experiment kits. This will help you decide on the best flavour for your tastebuds before going for the larger and nicotine-concentrated vapes.