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7 Best Vape Cottons

7 Best Vape Cottons

Wicking is an art form in vaping circles. There are numerous wicking materials to choose from, including silica, hemp, mesh and rayon, but cotton is by far the best, the most commonly used and heralded among wicking materials.

Cotton wicks are often preferred because of their neutral taste, affordability and effectiveness. However, they are not built the same and selecting the right one is critical to your vaping experience. Like vaping devices, there are numerous brands and types of cotton wicks. Let’s have a look at the best seven that will guarantee exceptional performance and experience in most vape devices.

  1. Cotton Bacon V2.0

This is easily the best-known cotton for wicking. Cotton Bacon cotton wicks come in 4-inch strips that are easy to pinch and tear to your desired size.

The cotton has outstanding absorbency and is easy to work with when dry or damp. The wicks spring back with ease once the ends are snipped and only require minimal fluffing. When soaked, the cotton does an excellent job of keeping its shape.

As is the norm with cotton wicks, Cotton Bacon wicks don’t impact the flavour but do an excellent job of helping the coils extract as much flavour out of the vape liquid as possible.

  1. Fuzz Organic Cotton Candy

Everything about Fuzz Organic wicking cotton stands out. From the cool tin packaging that makes the cotton easy to pull out, to the snow-white cotton inside, the Fuzz Organic Cotton Candy is all about excellence.

It is well coiled in a rope style and is soft and fluffy to the touch.  When working with this brand of wicking cotton, you won’t need any scissors for snipping the correct length because a simple pinch will get the job done.

Despite being soft and easy to work, the cotton toughens up with a simple roll making it ideal for wicking. It retains its shape and fluffiness even when the coil starts showing signs of darkening. It is also easy to work when dry or damp.

Besides offering great performance perks, it also does justice to the vape liquid by delivering full flavour profiles from the vape liquid.

  1. Wotofo Organic Cotton

Wotofo Organic cotton is inspired by the need to hasten cotton preparation to make rebuilding convenient. The long-fibred cotton wicks smoothly and isn't easy to pull apart.

The cotton wicks have a sheath on one end of the strip with the same role as a shoelace aglet. It makes the wicks much easier to thread through the coils.

You don't have to worry about tearing and pinching the cotton to get the right amount for wicking. This range comes with each cotton strip ready to use with an adequate cotton amount.

Wotofo organic cotton has great absorption capability, super retention and is freshly packed to deliver the purest flavour in every draw.

  1. Cotton Gods 10g

Gods of Vapers have lived up to their mantra of setting out to produce the best cotton for vapers, and Cotton Gods wicks are all the proof you need.

The wicks are designed for RDAs, RTAs and RTDAs. Each pack of the wicks contains 10 grams worth of pre-cut cotton wicks. The wicks are easy to trim and taper to your preferred size and length.

The selection of organic cotton ensures uncompromised, clean flavour and the wicks will easily handle high temperatures and prevent dry hits.

One exciting feature about Cotton Gods wicks is they don’t have a break-in period. After priming, you can expect the best performance right out of the gates.

  1. Shake and Vape Cotton

Shake and Vape cotton doesn’t focus on making a great first impression. Instead, the wicks place value in making a lasting and memorable impression. The brand doesn’t have fancy packaging like Fuzz, but it makes up for this in its content.

This brand of cotton wicks is made from premium, pure, organic cotton that is an absolute treat to your atomiser.

The cotton has increased resistance to browning and charring, keeping it usable for longer without changing its wicking or flavour delivery properties.

Its soft strands are easy to work with. You can twist and stretch them into thin wick shapes without any need for tools in a few minutes.

Harvested from the finest premium cotton crops, these wicks promise quality, chemical-free performance for clean and safe vaping.

  1. Canna Cotton

Canna cotton is a revolutionary wicking cotton that uses a patented mixture of cotton and hemp fibres to deliver the ultimate vaping experience. Besides combining two of the best wicking materials in the vaping world, Canna cotton is also highly resistant to dry hits than classic fibres with no parasite taste. It has excellent capillarity that allows for maximum absorption even at high temperatures.

This innovative cotton wick is perfect for reconstructible atomisers, including RDAs, RDTAs, and RTAs.

The wicks come in a hermetic sachet of 10 grams, and the bands are pre-cut for easier use. In case you need to make adjustments, it is relatively easy because the fibres are soft and easy to work with.

  1. Fuzion Cotton

Evolution Vaping has done an excellent job of coming up with a superb cotton wick that delivers exceptional flavour and performance. The only reason it sits seventh is because, unlike most of the others, Fuzion cotton comes in a huge reel which means there's more work needed to get the right length and amount of cotton.

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Other than that, it checks on all the right boxes. It’s 100% organic, comes in a resealable tub, and has a high absorption rate which is perfect for high wattage devices and reduces chances of dry hits.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vape Cottons

What is vape cotton?

This is an alternative term used to call untreated cotton (organic cotton) that provides absorbent wicking for vape coils.

Does the choice of cotton matter?

Not all cotton is the same. And not all vaping devices require the same cotton wicking material. Low-powered devices can work with cotton pads, while low-resistant coils require more heat-resistant cotton wicks.

Why is organic cotton so popular?

Organic cotton attracts a lot of value in the vaping world because it isn’t exposed to pesticides and hasn’t been bleached. You don’t want to run the risk of inhaling even the smallest amounts of these dangerous chemicals.

What is agleted cotton?

Agleted cotton has thin coated ends like the ends of shoelaces (aglets). Agleted cotton makes it easier to thread the cotton through the coils. Although aglets don’t improve the performance of the cotton wicks, they make it easier to work with.

What forms does vape cotton come in?

Cotton vapes can come in loops, balls, reels and pads. What form you choose depends on the device you’re using and your experience making your own wicks. For beginners, agleted options are the best, while seasoned vapers prefer balls, loops or rolls.

Can I use other wicking materials?

Yes, there are other wicking materials like hemp, silica and mesh. However, if performance and quality flavour is a priority, cotton wicks are the best.

Is there a break in time for cotton wicks?

The break-in time for cotton wicks depends on the brand and technology. Some brands don't require any break-in time, while others need a few draws before they can start putting in their best performance. Overall, the break-in period for cotton vapes is relatively short.

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