E-Cigarette Chargers

An e-cigarette has this "techy" vibe which of course, can't be found in traditional cigarettes. E-Cigarette also yields more smoke after one inhalation, which some users tend to manipulate to create something called "The Art of Vaping," which of course is very difficult to execute using traditional smoke.

But don't you hate it when you practice this neat and impressive trick, and when it’s time to show off to your friends your unit runs out of battery? That's why you always bring a charger with you, but not just any ordinary charger, an E-Cigarette Charger.

At Flawless Vape Shop, we know how frustrating that can be! That’s why we have carefully selected various e-cigarette chargers from the market so you can be confident that you can use your e-cigarette anytime and anywhere! ...

What is an Electronic Cigarette Charger?

E-cigarettes, or electronic cigarettes, like any other electronic devices, uses electricity as its source power. When the battery runs dry, you can't continue using your e-cigarette as the need to recharge is imminent. E-cigarette chargers are a separate device that recharges the battery of your e-cigarette to keep using it.

As for charging, the process itself lasts for more up to three hours depending on the size of your battery. It’s important to remember that there are different chargers for different units.

Phone Chargers as Alternative

Since most E-cigarettes are USB charger type, phone chargers can be used as an alternative. However, since it is not made for an e-cigarette, expect longer charging time- sometimes it takes up to half a day! Some units use rechargeable batteries, for them you need a specific charge built for it. However, you need to remove the battery from your group and charge it using the charger.

If you are unsure of the process, then it is best to use the correct charger for your electronic cigarette so that you don’t compromise the experience you are going to have.

General E-Cig Charging Safety

There is some tolerance that can build when charging your electronic cigarette. You don’t want to damage your battery as the power will otherwise drain faster. It’s important to always check the voltage requirement of any power source, helping to ensure the correct output.

Some devices may generate more power than the required amount and cause the battery to be damaged. As much as possible, plug your electronic cigarettes directly into a wall socket and avoid using extensions as overloading or overheating may lead to short circuits.

Additionally, it is not advisable to leave your electronic cigarette charging unattended or overnight.

Other Things to Consider

20700 and 21700 batteries are larger and of a higher capacity than most 18650 chargers. But fear not, Flawless Vape Shop has got you covered! We offer brands like Nitecore i4 which can charge up to 4 batteries of 18650, 20700, and 21700. But if you are looking for the best 18650 battery charger, Efest is the one for you.

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