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Elf Bar vs Elf Bar 600 V2

Disposable vapes are most vapers go to vape kits for their convenience. Their design, simplicity, and portability attract first-time vapers and experienced vapers after hassle-free options.

However, the ultimate benefits of disposable vapes depend on the manufacturers and the specific vape kit designs they offer. Two of the most popular disposable vapes experienced, and novice vapers favoured are the Elf Bar and Elf Bar 600 V2.

The fact that they belong to the same brand is quite expected, given that Elf Bar has established a tradition of producing user-friendly products. While prioritising simplicity, elf bar still maintains to ensure a well-rounded vaping experience.

This post will delve into the performance, key features, and other factors between Elf Bar and Elf Bar 600 V2. Read on for an ultimate guide to help you make the best decision.

Key Specs Differences Between Elf Bar and Elf Bar 600 V2

The two disposable vapes may have similar physical appearances unless you are keen enough. But some key performance and functionality determiners set the two vape kits apart. These include:

Key Specifications

Elf Bar

Elf Bar 600 V2

Battery Capacity




Up to 600

Up to 600




Nicotine Strength



E-liquid Type

Nic Salt

Nic Salt


Inhale Activated

Inhale Activated

E-liquid capacity




Although each of the above key aspects shows a balance between the two vape kits, choosing the right one is beyond convenience. You must consider everything inclusive in your overall vaping journey, from the battery life to the build quality.

Here are many other features that will help you understand the difference between the two vapes:

Design and Build Quality

The original elf bar has a sleek, compact design with cylindrical, smooth edges. In most earlier elf bar versions, this design has been the brand’s trend, focusing on simplicity and portability.

As expected, the elf bar 600 V2 borrows from the same sleek design with smooth edges. However, this has a slightly modern look, with updated aesthetics that are more visually appealing than its predecessor.

Looking at the build quality of the two vapes, they both combine high-quality materials that can withstand the device’s usage. A keen look at the build quality of the new V2, you’ll note although the materials are the same( stainless steel and food-grade plastics), the latter has evidence of improved manufacturing processes.

Surface Finish

Elf bar joined the disposable vapes industry when the key aspects of a vape kit were comfortable to hold and use the device. This is evident in the original elf bar. The manufacturers may, however, prefer some glossy or matte coating to reduce fingerprints visibility on the surface.

On the elf bar 600 V2 is an advanced surface finish with the latest design's shiny lustre compared to the matte finish on the earlier elf bar. The finish on this newer version elevates its aesthetics with a premium finish without compromising its durability.

Mouthpiece Orientation

The elf bar features a traditional mouthpiece orientation at the top of the device. This enhances the device's convenience as users only need to raise the vape to their mouth in a natural posture.

The latest 600 V2 version has no big difference, on the same posture, as the elf bar still maintains the users' comfort. However, there are slight modifications to the size of the mouthpiece for improved comfort and airflow.

Battery Life and Capacity

While the battery capacity is significant in determining the lifespan of a disposable vape, many more factors must be considered.

Comparing the battery capacity of the Elf bar and Elf bar 600 V2, it is clear that they have similar mAh ratings. However, the exact battery life of each option will depend on your usage patterns, coil technology, and e-liquid optimisation.

Available Flavours and Taste Preferences

Any disposable vape can meet the user’s expectations of a tasty and original vape in the first few puffs. However, the challenge comes with maintaining the sweet taste consistently from the first to the last puff.

The original elf bar is not a letdown in delivering the exact flavour laced with a sweet taste. The problem, however, kicks in when the e-liquid is slightly below half when an unpleasant taste comes without the natural sweetness.

Although this is a good sign to alert you of getting another vape kit, the elf bar 600 V2 has a different experience. With the newer version, the sweet taste remains consistent throughout each puff you take, thanks to its mesh coils design and the QUAQ coil technology.

The original elf bar remains the king in the game, with about 34 perfect flavour blends. Although the latest version launched with about 28 flavours, its list is notably full of original flavours from most people’s favourite products. Some of these are Strawberry ice, kiwi passion fruit Guava, etc.

Coil Technology

Coil technology plays a key role in determining the vapour produced by your vape, as well as the e-liquid consumption rate. The earlier elf bar came with a conventional coil whose key function was to heat the e-liquid and turn it into vapour.

Elf bar 600 V2, however, introduces the QUAQ coil technology. This is not only an upgrade from the conventional coils but also features mesh coils with increased heating surface area. The icing aspect of this coil technology is its ultra-fine wiring. As a result, anyone vaping the newer V2 elf bar 600 has an assurance of decreased power consumption and an upgraded increase in e-liquid utilisation efficiency.

Price and Value for Money

Although it is important to consider the price of your preferred disposable vape, this should not be the main choosing factor. You must also think about every feature involved in the vape’s performance.

Interestingly, despite the slight upgrades in the elf bar 600 V2, the device sells at the same price point as the original elf bar. This probably means the original elf bar still delivers its value for money. However, you must always consider your satisfaction and the device's general functionality.

In conclusion, considering every factor, would you pick the latest elf bar 600 V2 over the original version? The vapes had notable differences in their coil technology, flavour preferences,  surface finish and slight build quality differences.

Anyone can conclude that the latest version would be the best option. But why do they have similar prices? Try each option before concluding on either of them.

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