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Flawless Guide Eliquids, Shortfills, TPD Packs and Nicotine.

Flawless Guide Eliquids, Shortfills, TPD Packs and Nicotine.

Vaping 101 –E-liquids Mythbuster

So, you’ve got your first vape and your worried you don’t have a clue what the actual E-liquid is made of. Is it still Toxic? Is it worse than cigarettes? OF COURSE NOT! There is a lot of misinformation  The aim of this post is meant to be an honest an in depth breakdown of what actually goes into an E-liquid and to break any stigma held towards it.

What’s in your Juice?

We hear people say far too often “you don’t know what chemicals they put in E-liquid” or “E-liquid contains anti-freeze”.

Are there bad liquids out there? Yes.

Are there substandard "cheap" home brew juices out there? Yes.

As with anything please always ensure you are buying from a reputable source. Particularly with eliquids, if it's too cheap to be true, there are normally corners cut within production.

When in actual fact we know exactly what goes into making an E-liquid! At Flawless we have our own "Vape Labs" (for more information please see www.flawlessvapelabs.com). The UK and EU Governments have set up extremely strict guidelines for E-Liquid production. As a result, E-liquids are made up of only four different Ingredients.

PG (Propelyne Glycol): PG is the part of your E-liquid that has the nicotine attached to it. Most high-end Liquids have about 30% or less PG in it. This is because the amount of PG in a E-liquid affects it’s thickness and for pro-vapers the less the PG the more clouds they make.

For beginners there is usually 50% PG because thinner liquid is more tailored to vapers who need a stronger nicotine hit, The more PG in a E-liquid, the more room for nicotine. An example is our 50PG 50VG Puff Dragon range which has nicotine strengths up to 18mg.

PG is the ingredient that causes the “anti-freeze myth”. When mixed correctly with water the properties of this chemical are used to lower it’s freezing point, hence why it’s used as a De-icer. But PG isn’t pure anti-freeze, It’s only an ingredient and this harmless chemical is used in MANY more things than the spray you use so you can see out your car window. In reality you consume PG on a regular basis without even realising as one of it’s many uses is as a food preservative. It’s found in things like coffee-based drinks, liquid sweeteners, ice cream, whipped dairy products and fizzy drinks..

VG (Vegetable Glycerin) : VG, Although very science-y sounding, it's actually a relatively natural substance. The primary ingredient in VG is oils extracted from various plants like palm, soy or coconut.

This part of your E-liquid also is used in lots of things we consume on a daily basis. In lots of Common food products it’s mainly used as a sweetener, but also acts as a preservative and thickener in baked goods, sweets, condiments and egg products. It’s also found in medicines like cough syrups, toothpastes and different skin care products and cosmetics. This chemical is completely safe and non-toxic, which is why it’s used in lots of different things. In your E-liquid it’s also used as a thickening agent and adds a bit of sweetness to your flavour. The more VG in your liquid the bigger cloud production. So for first time users, It’s best to have a 50/50 blend of PG/VG to give you more room in the bottle for your nicotine requirements.

Flavourings:  This ingredient (as you’ve assumed from the name) is where the flavour of your E-liquid comes from.  It’s usually added to your E-liquid as a concentrate and comes in all different variations depending on the liquid.

As a vaper its good practice to be particular about your flavours. There are some poor quality made E-liquid out there where the flavourings contain un-natural, cheap to produce ingredients that could make you feel a bit queezy. 

The best tips is to avoid such poor liquids is to buy from reputable companies or at your local Vape shop where the owners / staff vape themselves.

Here at flawless, we want to give you the best vape experience suited to your needs. From our perspective we only provide liquid that’s quality assured and abide by the regulations that stop E-liquid like this being sold. 

Please don't allow this deter you from Vaping. As mentioned before, at nearly all vape shops you don’t have to worry about this and can vape happy. But (as in all walks of life) there is always someone that’s more concerned about making a profit, than making sure you get the vaping experience you deserve. Keep an eye out for un-marked bottles with no warning labels, and use your best judgement when looking for juice around that shady looking market stand. If something is too cheap to be true there normally a reason for that.

Nicotine: Now here’s the basic simple explanation. Many people assume nicotine itself is a deadly substance as it’s the root cause of your smoking habit. However this is only because the nicotine in your cigarette comes with all the harmful chemicals and cancer causing agents that make it seriously harmful. The nicotine itself isn’t actually cancer causing. In fact a lot of medical professionals say that nicotine (aside from its addictive qualities) has the same effect as caffeine! So what happens when you take nicotine on its own, and mix it with harmless substances, like...for example... the ingredients found in E-liquid? A Healthier way of getting that nicotine fix, without all the toxic chemicals your body hates.

So that’s all there is to it, hopefully this has been interesting and cleared the fog (pun intended) on what your E-Liquid actually is and why despite what big tobacco tells you, It’s a certainty that vaping is the easiest and most effective ways to kick the habit.

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