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Why does my E-Liquid have no nicotine in it? Shortfills explained!

Why does my E-Liquid have no nicotine in it? Shortfills explained!

Why does my E-liquid have no nicotine in it?

You go to a shop or go online, order a 100ml of liquid then you notice it has no nicotine. But the label on it warns you that it contains it so what’s going on? In this quick blog we’ll explain everything about why your E-liquid is packaged a certain way and why lots of liquid doesn’t come to you with the nicotine included.

TPD - Tobacco Products Directive

In May 2017 the EU introduced extra regulation on the Tobacco Products Directive, or as most people say the TPD. The update was made to add regulation on vaping to conform with the laws surrounding Tobacco products. The new regulations mean there are some rules to follow when it comes to selling vape products.

Method 1 – 10ml Bottles and TPD Packs

On the E-liquid side of things the big change was that E-liquid containing nicotine could only come packaged in a tiny 10ml bottle. The solution to conforming to these new laws are to sell multi-packs of 10ml liquid. This packaging method was designed so that it could conform to the new laws, but still give vapers the option to buy hassle-free E-liquid in a decent quantity. The cost of your E-liquid packaged in this way will vary depending on the amount of 10ml bottles you get. Usually you’ll find packs of 3 x 10ml bottles liquid for £13 and packs of 6 x 10ml bottles for around £20. The benefit of this way of getting your E-liquid is there’s no faff and you can carry one or 2 bottles at a time that fit easily in your pocket for daily use.

Method 2 – The Short fill and the Nic shot

As mentioned before, the new laws on vaping strictly prohibit the packaging of nicotine in E-liquids being more than 10ml. The solution created by the vaping world was to simply remove the nicotine.  But surely if your vaping without nicotine it’s a bit pointless? Here in lies the genius behind the Short fill. Short fills usually come in sizes of 50ml, 80ml, 100ml, and 120ml bottles. The term Short fill means that the bottles the liquid are packaged in have a bit of extra room in them, possibly to add something extra? Good guess!

50ml Short Fill

1 Nic Shot

80ml Short Fill

1 ½ Nic Shots

100ml Short Fill

2 Nic shots

120ml Short Fill

2 ½ Nic Shots

The reason that extra room exists is to add what’s called a nicotine shot (nic shot for short). When you buy your short fill bottle of juice, it's common practice to also buy 1 or 2 10ml bottles of flavourless PG with 18mg of nicotine in it. If you don’t know what PG is, you can go to the blog post on what makes an E-liquid is made to find out more.

In the same way you add a salt packet to the old salt and shake crisps, you add the nicotine shots for your desired strength and give the bottle a good shake. Then after about 20 minuites or so your E-liquid is ready to vape and kill the craving. Here at Flawless we have the largest range of short fills around as most people prefer to put up with some simple maths and a touch of elbow grease, to get the best out of their E-liquid.

How much nicotine should I add to my Shortfill?

The rule for getting 3mg strength liquid is simple. For every 50ml of juice, one 10ml Nic shot will give you 60ml of E-liquid in 3mg strength. The table to the left is a simple guide to what you need to put into your liquid for different sized bottles for a 3mg strength. For the rare vaper who wants the benefits of a Short Fill but still needs a strong nicotine fix, just double the values in the table to get a 6ml strength liquid, plain and simple.

Hopefully this quick guide has cleared up any confusion when it comes to buying your E-liquid and makes life easy because an easy vape makes a happy vaper and keeps you off those pesky tobacco sticks.

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