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How Do You Refill a JUUL Pod?

How Do You Refill a JUUL Pod?

JUUL pods are a big deal in the vaping world right now. But despite their raging success, Juul pods do actually have a few limitations. These include the limited flavour selection, and you can’t vape CBD. What most vapers who are jumping on to the JUUL craze don’t know is that there is one nifty way you can use to solve these challenges. That is refilling your Juul pod.

They are marketed as disposable vapes, but that’s not to say there aren’t ways around it. By refilling Juul pods, you can get more out of the pod and, most importantly, use it to vape whichever e-liquid you fancy. All you need to do is follow these simple steps.

What You Need to Refill Juul Pods

Before you start refilling, it is advisable to have everything you need close by to make the process easier.

You will need the Juul pod you will be refiling, a flathead screwdriver, narrow tweezers, rubber gloves, and paper towels.

You can have replacement cotton, scissors for cutting the cotton, water, and earbuds for added measure.

This delicate procedure involves small details, so you should find a well-lit and clean place for the task.

Juul Pod Refilling Guide

  • Take the screwdriver and push the plastic tabs up and remove the mouthpiece.
  • Use the tweezers to remove the used cotton pads.
  • Carefully clean out the inside using the earbuds and warm water. Ensure you have a paper towel beneath to catch any water or old e-juice that drips out.
  • Once the pod is clean, use the scissors to cut the cotton to the appropriate size and put the ready cotton inside the device.
  • Remove the rubber seal at the bottom of the pod using the tweezer. Clean beneath the rubber with an earbud.
  • Put the flavour cap at the bottom of the pod and refill it with e-juice. Once the juice reaches just below the fill line, stop filling.
  • Reseal the pod by squeezing the edges and replacing the rubber seal. When the seal is in place, you can stop squeezing the edges.
  • Replace the mouthpiece by pushing it onto the pod until you hear a ‘click’ sound. Make sure no e-juice has entered the chimney by blowing through the mouthpiece.

If you select to vape nic salts, wear nitrile gloves. The juices have high concentrations of nicotine, which can be absorbed through the skin. Needless to say, the effects of the absorption of high nicotine concentration through the skin are not pleasant, so take precautions.

Preventing Leaking

Juul pods are not designed for refilling, so you can expect leaks to happen often. They are little and brittle, which increases the chances of a leak. There are some steps you can follow when refilling a Juul pod that will reduce the chances of a leak happening. You shouldn’t take any shortcuts.

If the liquid leaks from the Juul cartridge, remove it, wipe it dry, and keep using. There are several reasons why liquid from the cartridge can enter the steam passage:

  • Taking sharp, strong puffs. Instead, try to tighten more smoothly for a better experience.
  • Tightening pressure on the cartridge – you shouldn’t bite or squeeze the device with your lips.
  • Squeezing the cartridge into place – hold the narrow edges of the cartridge when inserting it into place.

Be careful with the cartridge when taking it apart and putting it back together. Pay attention to detail and ensure everything sits just as it was before. This will ensure a better vaping experience and ensure the pod lasts longer.

Is refiling Juul Pods Safe?

Considering Juul pods are not designed for refilling, most vapers might have reservations about refilling a Juul pod which is understandable. However, while it is not recommended, it doesn’t pose any danger so long as you follow all the steps as outlined.

Also, you shouldn’t use any other vape juice in the device other than salt nicotine. Using CBD juice and freebase nicotine can cause the device to break within a few sessions.

When selecting your vape liquid of choice, don't use high content of glycerine because the device will burn out quickly. The cotton wool of the cartridge doesn't have enough time to soak the e-liquid because of its strong viscosity, which will cause the coils to run too hot.

How Many Times Can You Refill Juul Pods?

You can refill your Juul pod four to five times on average. If you push your limits, you can refill up to 10 times, but you should never exceed fifteen times. If the pod leaks excessively or the flavour is inconsistent, these are signs that you should replace the device. 

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