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How Long Do Vape Coils Last?

How Long Do Vape Coils Last?

Your vaping experience largely depends on the health and functionality of your coil. If the coil has served its time, you will always have a bad taste in your mouth regardless of the quality of the juice. One of the ways you can guarantee and impeccable vaping experience all the time is by knowing when it’s time to change the coil. Why not check out our range of coil building kits for a wide selection.

That’s why you need to know how long the coil should last. The only challenge is, it’s not as straightforward as you would expect. There are numerous factors that affect the longevity of the coil and the functionality of the coil. By understanding such factors, you know what to look out for in your coil and most importantly how to identify when it’s time to change the coil.

How Long is a Vape Coil Supposed to Last?

The life expectancy depends on the vaper and the frequency of vaping. However, personal vaporizer coils can last as long as four weeks and as little as one week. On average, two weeks is a decent life span for the coil.

As noted earlier there are various factors that affect the longevity of the coil so it should be constantly monitored for signs and symptoms that indicate the coil is reaching the end of its life.

Signs and Symptoms Your Coil is Giving Up

A burnt taste

The most obvious tell-tale sign that your coil is about to give up is a burnt taste. In some coils, the taste can be reversed by cleaning the coil. But, if you reach the stage where the vape juice tastes more like a burnt newspaper, there’s no going back! You have to replace the coil.

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Gurgling sounds

If your vaping device is in good condition, it shouldn’t gurgle. Any gurgling noises should always prompt you to investigate further. It’s not always that the coil is at fault but in a fair amount of the cases, the coil is usually the problem. Swapping out the coil is a quick fix particularly if the sound is more like that of gargling mouthwash. If a new coil doesn’t work, then you’re sure it could be something else.

Weak e juice flavour

If the coil is not at its best, it’s not able to vaporise the juice accordingly. You might notice subtle or obvious changes to the juices you use depending on how close the coil is to dying out. Sometimes, it could be that you just got a bad bottle of juice but, more often than not, it’s the coil giving out.

A dying coil will also weaken the flavour of your e-juice. E-liquids are designed to taste the same when you open them and when they’re running out. If the flavour is getting faint, it’s the coil that’s to blame not the juice.

Low vapour production

This is another good way to tell how healthy (or ill) your coil is. If the clouds of vapour begin to decrease, it’s a sign the coil is under pressure. You might not notice the decrease immediately but eventually, it will catch your eye. If all of a sudden you feel you’re going through more of your e-liquid than normal, it might be a good idea to give the coil a closer look.

Factors that Affect the Life of the Coil


The leading factor that determines how long or short your coil head will last is how you use it. Using the right processes especially when breaking in the new coil can prolong the life of the coil while using it aggressively will largely cut back on its longevity.

Vape E Juice

The type of vape juice you use can also determine how long the coil will last. A liquid in high VG has more vapour but the liquid has high viscosity hence low mobility which leave residue on the coil. The accumulation of that residue shortens the life of the coil.

To counter this, some VG juice brands add deionised water to improve the mobility and fluidity improving performance.

High Voltage

The fastest way to break or burn the coil is to use incorrect voltages for the coil head. High voltages burn the wick and build up heat quickly. Because the coil is not saturated, it burns out under the intense heat. It’s important to make sure you use the right voltage for the coil.

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How to Get Your Coil to Last Longer

You probably don’t want to buy a new coil every week. With these few tips, you can easily lengthen the life of your coil and get more out of it.

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Prime the coil

Every time you replace the coil, be sure to prime it. It helps to get the coil conditioned to the operating conditions before you can add an e-liquid.

Go easy on the firing button

You need to know when to hold and release the firing button. If you’re having challenges, you can use the puff timer tools on the vaporiser. You have to closely monitor the vape juice to find the right spot for you. Constantly holding down the firing button subjects the coil to unnecessary output.

Take time between the hits

You need to give the coil time to absorb more e-liquid before firing. By allowing a few seconds between hits, you give the coil time to soak up the juice. If you fire when the coils are dry, there’ a high chance they will burn.

Stay low on the wattage

No need to run the vaporizer on a high setting if you don’t need to. If you can make do with a lower wattage, please do. You can also try to use more powerful juices to take the burden of the hits from the coils.

Clean the vape coil

This is one of the best-proven tricks that easily prolongs life and performance of the vape coil. As it’s functioning, there is residue that builds up on the coil. By cleaning and removing the residue, you can get rid of that burnt taste and add a few more days to your coil before you need to change it.

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Can I Repair My Vape Coil?

In standard tanks, there’s no repairing the coil once it has reached the precipice. The best you can do is replace.

However, sometimes, the burnt taste produced by the coil ban be a result of residue which is easily fixed by cleaning the coil. That is as close as you can come to repairing the coil.

With RDA coils, there’s a bit of good news. It’s possible to fix the RDA coil by re-adjusting the legs of the coil and adding some new cotton once you have cleaned the coil properly.

However, in most cases, it’s always safer to replace the old coil with a new one for the sake of your vaping experience.

If you’ve been wondering how long your coil will last, you now know that the answer has a lot to do with how you handle your vaporiser and how often you vape. If you treat the coil with some love and care, it will last longer and provide you with better results.

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