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The Best JUUL Alternatives

JUUL is the most recent breakout product and manufacturer in the vaping industry. Despite the constant chatter about them, they're not exactly the fan favourite you would expect them to be. They are the product everyone screams about but is cautious about buying.

They have a couple of upsides which include their discrete design and simple operation. And, they are a perfect companion for vapers that want to go the Nic salts way. They provide a smooth vaping experience, but lack in vapour clouds and they are not compatible with other models. 

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The pods are not refillable and only available from the manufacturers. If you choose to go the JUUL way, you have to say goodbye to diversity in vape flavours since you’re stuck with the prefilled pods that JUUL has made sure will only work with their hardware. That's why many people are looking for the best Best JUUL Alternatives.

Countdown of top 5 Best Alternatives

How do you enjoy the smooth vaping experience without being coursed into using flavours from JUUL or being stuck with low powered devices that are devoid of any vapour clouds? Simple, you find other alternatives.

Here are a few options that will give you the JUUL vaping experience without the shortfalls.

Lost Vape Orion DNA Go Kit

This is perhaps every nic salt vaper’s dream hardware. It has a carefully selected set of features and a design to die for.

The highly advanced DNA chipset will keep you vaping for hours with minimal maintenance and running costs. This neat kit focuses on providing great flavours when you draw and has a nice and tight draw for that cigarette smoking feel.

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You don't have to worry about running out of charge mid-vape because it has excellent battery life. You might need to dig deep into your pockets to land this baby but, it's definitely worth the price.


The Mi-Pod is another misleading JUUL alternative candidate. Under the small pod is a power that rivals much larger pod devices. Looking at the size of the vape pod, most vapers are surprised to find that it has a 950mAh internal high drain battery.

It pairs the significant power with one of the best airflow systems on any pod system perfect for MTL vapes and it can also be adjusted to direct to lung vapes as well.

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Unlike JUUL, the pod of the Mi-Pod are refillable and comes with a higher capacity of up to 2mls. It’s a great option for vapers that pay attention to loos since it has great colourways and a strong and durable build.

Nexus Starter Kit By Vaporesso

The Nexus starter kit focuses on providing the vaper with excellent battery life and tough as nails coil heads hidden under a slick design.

This high-performance JUUL alternative is 100% refillable, so you don't have to suck up juices that you don't like just because you don't have a choice.

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Even though it's a starter kit, it beats JUUL without making an effort. It has a better overall performance and works for new and seasoned vapers. It can put out some impressive clouds without throwing flavour under the bus, so it's perfect for cloud chasers as well.

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Not all JUUL alternatives go for the JUUL look. The SMOK Nord might look different, but it is a better alternative than the JUUL.

The Nord is highly portable and slips easily into the pocket. You don’t have to rethink your wardrobe to get clothes with big pockets. You can easily slip the device into the pocket without looking.

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For performance, it’s fitted with a powerful 370mAh battery that keeps going. The 2ml refillable pods are cost efficient and give you value for your money. For that cigarette-like smoking experience, the pod has a tight draw and it doesn’t crackle which is another factor that separates it from the JUUL.

In essence, the Nova puts into perspective all the great features that JUUL offers and improves on them while ditching the downsides for an exceptional vaping experience.

SMOK Infinix

Don’t be fooled by the size and weight of the SMOK Infinity pod system. It might weigh just about 2 grams and have a lean and slim design. But, its power is more imposing. It’s designed to look and feel like a JUUL without the downsides.

The bigger battery and larger pod, pack more power and a better vaping punch with better clouds. The draw is tight just like smoking a cigarette. It’s the perfect alternative if you’re thinking of ditching tobacco smoking.

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All these features are packed into a pocket-friendly starter kit that packs two fit pods. Not only is the SMOK Infinix a great JUUL alternative but, it’s also cheaper than JUUL. This definitely makes our list of one of the best Best JUUL Alternatives.

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If the shortcomings of JUUL has been keeping you away from nic salts, these alternatives should get you right up there with other nic salts lovers. You will have free range to choose your flavours with higher capacity refillable tanks and a great experience with thicker clouds. Who’s laughing now JUUL?

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