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10 Tips to Help Stop Vape Spitting

10 Tips to Help Stop Vape Spitting

Vape spit back is one of the most excruciating experiences you can go through as a vaper. Having hot vape juice land right into your mouth mid-vape is not something you expect or would like to happen again.

Unfortunately, spitting tanks are a common phenomenon for both experienced and newbie vapers. The spit back happens when you have too much e-liquid in the centre of the coil, and it can't be adequately vaporised. The bubbles of the boiling e-liquid start popping and as a result, might shoot through the centre of the tank into your mouth.

It sounds deadly. But it’s not. However, it’s not something you want happening again and there are a few tips you can use to avoid this.

How to Stop Vape Spitting

Flicking the tank

You need to get rid of the excess juice in your vape coil. The easiest way to do this is to give the tanks a few short and sharp downwards flicks. To be on the safe side, flick the tank over a sink or have some tissue on standby in case the excess liquid comes flying out.

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It’s advisable to flick the tank as soon as you refill the tank or when you fit in new coils. This helps to keep the coil from being flooded.

Increase power

Flooding of the coils could be as a result of low wattage. If the power on your vaping device is low, it could cause the rate of vaporisation to be lower than the rate it is being supplied by the wick. This is a simple problem to fix. All you need to do is increase the wattage by 5-10 watts. This should increase the rate of vaporisation and avoid flooding.

Go slow on the priming

Priming is highly recommended when you have a new coil. But, like everything else, too much of it can cause problems. If you prime too much, the e-liquid in the chamber will cause flooding and could result in spit back.

This tip applies to dripping in RDAs. If the spit back started after a prime, it’s possible you pushed the limit too far. Scaling back on the priming might help to solve the problem.

Fire first!

The sequence of using your vaping device can result in flooding and spitback. Before inhaling the first time, press the firing button for a few seconds. You will hear some popping sounds which will fade away, giving way the soft hum of vaporisation. That hum is your cue to start vaping without any concerns about spitting.

Firing first helps to get rid of any excess liquid that might have been sitting in the wick and coil that could lead to the spitting.

Change your e-liquid

It’s possible you’re using the wrong type of liquid for the wrong device. Ideally, PG liquids are runny and flow easily. As a result, they soak the wicking material faster, making it easier for the coil to end up taking in more liquid than it can vaporise.

By opting for a VG vape juice, you can easily counter the problem. VG e-liquids are thicker. They soak the wicking material more slowly, which can reduce the amount that makes it into the coil. Having a thicker and slower liquid will keep the coil from being overwhelmed.

Soak up the e-liquid

If the spitting is happening often, the liquid may have collected inside the chimney and found its way back to the coil. If this is the case, tissue paper is the best solution. Roll a piece and insert it into the chimney to soak up the excess liquid.

Cut back on the airflow

Reducing the airflow setting will save you the trouble of inhaling too forcefully on your vape, which can encourage flooding. Reduced airflow will let the coil and wick do most of the work for you and soak up the liquid at their own pace.

Take smaller inhales

A worthy alternative to reducing the airflow is to take short draws. If you inhale too long, you force more liquid into the coil and the coil can’t vaporise fast enough. Opting for shorter inhales gives the coil enough time to heat up and reduce the volumes of liquid sucked into the wick.

You could also consider switching to a direct lung coil if you can’t do without big inhales. This will ensure a better experience for you.  

Choose your coils carefully

While buying a new coil can be exciting, it can also be the start of your spitting problems. Some coils have some design oversights that can increase the chances of spitting. The Clapton coils are a good example. They have multiple stands which cause popping and spitting because of the design. You should also look out for twisted coils which also tend to have the same problem.

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Opting for a simple coil will help to alleviate the problem. It might not have all the interesting features and design, but it will save you the nasty spitting experience.

Cover the mouthpiece

Necessity has led some innovative vapers to come up with a smart trick that stops this problem in its tracks.

Covering the drip tip with a pipe screen helps to stop the raging droplets in their tracks and prevents them from getting into your mouth. If everything fails, this tip will ensure you can continue using your vape device without any concerns.

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Don’t be a slave to spitting. The solution to this common problem could be as simple as the cause of the problem itself. If you have been suffering from spitting, these ten tips will help you get over this bump and restore your vaping experience.

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