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Uwell Caliburn G vs G2

Uwell Caliburn G vs G2

Uwell is an amazing vape brand gradually building its reputation in the industry. As it stands today, Uwell Caliburn is part of the most popular vape brands that should not miss on your pod shortlist.

Some of the brand’s products that have emerged as quite captivating and sparked competition among users are the Uwell Caliburn G and the G2.

While representing the epitome of the ingenuity of the Caliburn series, the two products have differences that may affect your choice.

Unveiling Uwell Caliburn G2

Uwell’s Caliburn G2 is a testament to the brand’s commitment to pushing the technology boundaries in the vaping industry. With a keen focus on refining the vapers' experience with the device, Uwell addressed every vaper's concerns about the G series.

From addressing the leaking issues reported in some Caliburn G  devices to insufficient vapour productions and spit backs after accidental overfilling, Caliburn G2 enhances the overall user experience.

While meeting the all-in-one style vape specs, Caliburn G2 seems to cater more to the advanced vaper enthusiasts' needs. Not only does the vape have an active air adjustment feature, but it also comes with several amazing features, including warning alerts when the user takes long draws.

Without much change on the device’s physical profile, the Uwell Caliburn G2 is an interesting vape. But will it outdo its predecessor, the Uwell Caliburn G?

Here are some notable specifications to note about the two:


Uwell Caliburn G

Uwell Caliburn G2

E-liquid capacity



Baterry size



Power Output



Firing Mechanism

Button & Draw

Button & Draw

Charging Orientation

Type C USB

Type C USB


Light Aluminium

Plastic/Aluminium Alloy


Key Differences Between Caliburn G and G2

The Uwell Caliburn G and G2 both share a lineage of innovation and excellence, but they have several differences that affect their general outlook and functionality.

Here is how the two compare:

Aesthetic and Build Quality

When it comes to aesthetics and build quality, both devices uphold Uwell’s reputation of visually appealing and well-constructed devices. However, while the Caliburn G showcases a sleek and minimalist design, the G2 model strikes an aesthetic balance that captures the essence of sophistication.

Both devices have rounded edges that exude modern and ergonomic appeal, which benefits the user. However, Caliburn G2 has a premium feel without compromising the vape’s sturdiness.

The G2 also features several colours as the Caliburn G, but the shades on the earlier version look quite contemporary compared to the slightly shiny and classic finish of the G2.

Battery Life

Battery capacity is an essential factor as it directly impacts the vaping experience. Considering the mAh rating of the two vapes, the G2  has  750mAh while the Caliburn G has a 690mAh.

The additional capacity on the latest G series is a plus, especially for anyone who vapes frequently or loves extended vaping sessions. However, the overall effect of the battery life on each device may vary because of different usage habits, vaping frequency and the power settings in the device.

You would expect the different amperage ratings in the two to affect the vapes’ charging cycle. But despite having a higher capacity, Caliburn G2 clocks a full charge at about 25 to 30 minutes. This is quite high compared to the 45 minutes charge of the Uwell Caliburn G.

Performance Showdown

Here is a performance evaluation comparison of the two devices based on their ease of use, and several other factors, including

Airflow Control

Airflow control, directly influences vapour production, flavour intensity and draw resistance. So, it’s a significant feature to consider about the vape of your choice.

With both devices having a button and auto-draw firing mechanism, choosing how airflow is controlled on either device is up to you. The button activation in Caliburn G is similar to that in Caliburn G2, as they offer more control over the airflow.

By adjusting the strength of your inhale in either device, you can also modulate the intensity of your draw for a personalised experience in both devices. However, despite the similarity in airflow adjustment in both devices, Caliburn G2 comes with a slightly expanded airflow control aimed to enhance your overall experience.

Coil Options and Performance

Uwell Caliburn G2 is compatible with the Caliburn G’s UN2 coils. The latest model in the G series also uses 0.8Ω, 1.0Ω, and 1.2Ω, similar to the Caliburn G, except for the 0.8Ω, which is a new addition to the coil collection.

The 0.8Ω & 1.2Ω coil in the G2 are good for a smooth, flavorful, and satisfying vaping experience. In comparison, the Caliburn G uses the 1.0Ω coil, which has a slightly tighter draw, especially perfect for anyone interested in simulating a smoking sensation with their vape.

The slight difference in the coil resistances may influence the vapour outcome and flavour intensity, but generally, both coils yield satisfying experiences.


Which device is better for beginners?

Both the Uwell Caliburn G and G2 are suitable for beginners. However, while the Caliburn G offers a simpler and straightforward vaping experience, the G2 offers additional features that enthusiast beginners can explore.

Can I use the same coil in the devices?

Yes, Caliburn G and the G2 use the same coils, so you can interchange and replace them for your convenience.

How does the adjustable airflow affect my vaping experience?

The adjustable airflow customises the vapour density and the draw resistance based on your desired preferences. So you can easily adjust and fine-tune either the Caliburn G or the G2 to perfectly balance the vapour produced and the flavour intensity.

Which device offers better battery life?

The Uwell G2 offers 750mAh, higher than the 690mAh of the G model. This means anyone using the G2 has more extended vaping sessions. However, the exact effect of the battery life on the overall device performance varies based on your usage habits and vaping frequency.

Do both devices offer equal build quality and durability?

Both devices offer good build quality, as evidenced by Uwell’s commitment to producing reliable vaping devices.


While Uwell G2 is an evolution of its earlier model, the Uwell G has no huge physical differences. Both devices bear Uwell’s mark of quality; however, the final decision is based on your expected experience.

Before concluding on the best option, you may need to test each device and feel the overall performance effect.


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