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Vape Mods Explained - Flawless Vape Shop

Vape Mods Explained

The Science of Mods 

So you’ve been vaping happily for a little while having the same tank, mod and coil since you first started. But you feel like you want to put a bit more variety and start exploring more of what vaping has to offer. But then you get showered with lots of jargon, maths and a bit of physics and think “I can’t change my vape I won’t know how to use it!” We want you to as a vaper to vape happy and if you fancy an upgrade why should you have to look at tons of other forums, YouTube tutorials, reviews etc and waste tons of time just trying to find a better vape?! In this post we will break down the science of vaping and hopefully by the end of this you’ll know exactly what set up you want without having to sift through hours of what feels like physics homework.

The Box mod:

The term box mod came in the early days of advanced vaping when people wanted to start using more power through their vapes and make a display of the amount of cloud they could make. The first mods that allowed people to do that were big, bulky box-like devices  that could kick out the power, but were very inconvenient. Now That technology in the vaping industry has made advances in their efficiency. Box mods come in all shapes and sizes to suit all vapers. This type of Mod has a lot of features that allow you to customise your vape experience. But if using a box mod it’s a new experience for you don’t fret. Everything about them will be explained below along with a bit of extra know-how to get the best out of your vape.

The Image above  has all the information you need to customise your vape to your liking. Although every box mod will display it differently, the principal is the exact same.

  • Resistance: This is the little number on your screen that has the Greek symbol for omega on it, meaning ohms. It’s a value that in vaping terms means how much heat your coil can handle, depending on the power running through it. Without getting too much into the Physics the resistance of your coil effects how much current can run through it without making the coil too hot and scorching all the internals of your tank. The higher the resistance, the less current it can handle and the lower you will set your wattage. High resistance coils are usually in the 0.6 and 1.6ohm range and are better suited for vapers who need a cigarette feeling and a good nicotine hit. The higher resistance means that less cloud is produced and often allows you to run 50/50 juice through the coil for higher nicotine strength (If you don’t know what I mean by 50/50 juice, read the blog on “ Flawless Guide Eliquids” . The situation is reversed if you have lower resistance coils. Low resistance coils (what vapers call sub-ohm vaping) usually range between 0.3 or as low as 0.05ohms. Lower resistance means the coils can take more heat and therefore produce more vapour.


  • Wattage : This is usually the biggest number on your mod (the number with the W symbol). It tells you how much power is going to your mod and is almost always the setting you can adjust using your mod’s up and down buttons. The wattage you set will depend on the type of coil your using because most coils operate best at different wattage ranges depending on their resistance. Most of the time the coil in your tank will say what wattage you can run through it safely without damaging the coil. Unless your getting into building which We’ll talk about in the future


  • Voltage: This is the number with the V next to it. Voltage works in a very similar way to your wattage, but because of the physics behind the way you put power through your coil it’s the value that changes as you vape. I’ll try and keep all the technical jargon to minimum but you’ll have to bare with us on this. Essentially wattage and Voltage are two different terms used to describe the electricity being sent to your mod. Wattage describes amount of power per second being sent to your coil. Voltage is a force that Causes power to go through your coil. We know you came here to learn more about vaping and we promise you the physics lesson is over. In the vaping world some box mods let you switch between voltage and wattage modes but wattage mode is the standard for vapers because it delivers power more efficiently and won’t drain your batteries as much. When you vape in wattage mode, a good indicator that your not running too much power through your coil is to look at the Voltage as you vape. If the voltage reads between 3-4.7 volts congratulations you aren’t killing your coils and you aren’t making them fall asleep from the lack of power. If the voltage goes over 5 volts when you vape, you reduce the life span of your coils dramatically and we would recommend lowering your wattage because after a bit of chain vaping you’ll get a dry hit (where the cotton is too dry and you vape burnt cotton) and let us assure you, a dry hit is one of the worst vape experiences you can have when it comes to your vape quality.

Temp control mode: This is a less widely used feature than wattage mode as most people don’t bother with fiddling with the settings but it does have some useful advantages. Essentially temperature mode is wattage mode with a twist. With coil materials like Stainless steel, Nichrome, titanium and nickel your mod can detect the temperature of those materials. When you use temp mode, you set a maximum temperature, for example 450 Fahrenheit (or 230 Celsius for our diehard metric system fans) and when the coil gets close to that temperature, the wattage drops or stops firing entirely. It does this clever trick because at that temperature, the cotton around your coil is dry and would have given you a dry hit. Temp mode is a clever way of stopping dry hits because the mod detects when the coil gets too hot and stops it firing.

So we’ve covered pretty much everything there is to know about a box mod and how you can change all the settings to find your perfect vape. We still have a few topics to cover on mods in general but we don’t want to overload you with information all at once so in the next post we’ll cover the different types of mods and some of the more advanced vaping styles that the hardcore vapers will all tell you not to use just yet.

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