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What Happens If You Drop Disposable Vape in Water

What Happens If You Drop Disposable Vape in Water

Disposable vapes are your healthy alternative to smoking. The disposable fact means they come charged and prefilled, which means you have fewer maintenance duties. However, as much as you can discard these vapes after use, you need to take good care of them to maintain peak performance.

Among the maintenance tips you need to take note of is storing the vapes in a cool and dry place. Avoid dropping them on wet surfaces and hard floors. Take slow but steady puffs, etc.

Functional Operations of disposable vapes

The disposables work through inhaling to activate the firing mechanism in the device. This is why there’s no need for buttons to start the vapes. The built-in battery powers the coil that in turn vaporises the prefilled e-liquid as you draw air from the vape. 

But what if your disposable vape falls in the water? How are you to go about it? Will it still work normally? Read on for a step by step guide on everything to do and not to when your vape pen falls in water.

Similar to electronic devices, disposable vapes have electric currents flowing through them. Whether from a high-powered or an averagely-powered battery, the currents in disposable vapes are enough to cause havoc if mixed with water.

By mishandling your vape pen that fell in the water, you will risk an electric shock that is unsafe for yourself or anyone else using the disposable vape. In addition, different things can happen on your water-soaked vape. These may include damaged coils, atomisers and microprocessors that will affect the overall performance of the vape or complete damage.

How disposable vapes get affected by water

Considering the heating effect in any disposable vape, exposing the device to water interferes with the battery and atomiser connection. This means the vape no longer heats up properly and may even explode depending on the type of battery and the available charge in it.

Other severe effects of water on your disposable vapes include:


With the electric current from the battery in your vape pen, water may cause the current to flow to unintended paths.  This can either malfunction the device or start fires from different electric currents crossing paths.


Most disposable vapes use mesh coils and other metal plates in them.  If these come into contact with water, they are likely to corrode and affect the general functioning of the device.

Battery failure

Batteries have positive and negative terminals through which current flows differently. Water can short these terminals and cause the battery to instantly lose charge. Which means it won’t power the vape’s heating coils.

What to do when a disposable vape falls in water

Different companies employ different structure mechanisms in their disposable vapes. Some have waterproof shells that reduce the water effect. Unfortunately, the fact that you are reading this means your disposable vape fell in water.

How long did you take to remove the vape from the water? If the vape pen got completely sumberged, the damage on might be quite extensive. This means if you removed the vape pen immediately, you might be able to power the vape back to life.

Firstly when your vape falls in water, once you take it out you need to open it. Unfortunately, the opening part can only be possible with few vapes. If you can make it to open the vape apart, you’ll need to take out the battery and any other removable part, then leave the device to dry.

If you have made it to gap the device, the drying period will depend on how much water got inside the vape. You may fasten the drying by wiping off water droplets inside the kit and leaving it to dry for 3 to 4 hours.

If you cannot take apart the device, the best you can do is place it in an upside-down position and leave it to dry. The operational status, in this case, will depend on whether water got in contact with the heating chamber or any other electrical component inside the vape.

You should then leave your disposable vape to dry for some hours, then you can try activating it. If you are lucky, the vape pen will work as usual. However, if the damage is intense the vape pen won’t work. Which means it should be disposed of properly.

 How to prevent disposable vapes from falling in water

Despite the vape pen's small structure, it hurts to see your vaping device functional as it was few minutes ago. This is more painful if you are not able to get a replacment vape pen right away. 

Here are some tips to guide you on how to prevent such occurrences in the future:

Use a protective pouch

Buying the protective casing helps to secure your disposable vape's delicate components in case it accidentally falls on hard floors or in the water.

Avoid using the vape pen close to water vessels

Vaping can be quite addictive, and, understandably, sometimes, you may not feel like letting the vape pen away from your sight. You, however, must be mindful of using the disposable vape by the swimming pool or when cleaning.

Always be mindful of where you put the vape kit

It is possible to forget the vape pen in your clothes after a long day’s work. This means you may need always to keep an eye on your disposable vape. Where you keep the device when not vaping also matters since some places, such as around the kitchen or bathroom may be filled with lots of steam.


Disposable vapes can be pretty addictive. Therefore, you must always be mindful of your surroundings before placing down the device. Also, remember not to use a soaked disposable vape. Instead, leave it to dry before trying to power it on. 

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