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7 Celebrities Who Vape

Despite little information on its health effects, vaping is quickly taking over different states worldwide. The e-cigarette chemistry is gradually developing each day with the growth in technology. Surprisingly the technical growth in vaping is one of the key selling points that marketers major on.

Based on the technological trends in the vaping industry, the highest population using vape pens are youths. Few years ago the drive behind these young adults motivation for e-cigarettes like Juul was the devices' cloud of smoke. However, today, vape pens have almost no massive clouds of smoke as before, but are still most youth's favourites. Infact, the little smoke makes the vape pens easy to use anywhere at any time.

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Today vape marketers don’t struggle as much with marketing these products since they are all over social media timelines. First, it’s just about the profile of the person pictured using them, and before you know it, the same would have massively spread to a huge group of youths.

What captions have you seen trending with vapes, other than the "fun and good times"? It seems like almost every other famous musician, or actor loves vaping. So when spotted with their vape pens on the streets, it feels like vapes are the latest craze and everyone wants them.

Here are some famous people that use vapes today:

Samuel L Jackson

The 74 years-old America-born actor and producer is one famous celebrity who openly shows his love for vaping. The actor, whose fame also grew widely with his role in the Django unchained movie has countless pictures on the net with various vape pens.

Some years back Samuel Jackson was live on TV reading a poem while enjoying his vape moments. Looking proud of his achievements, the actor continued his boy meets the world poem puffing out every line.

Michelle Rodriguez

Famous for her The Fast and The Furious, S.W.A.T, Resident Evil and many other films, the 44-year-old Texas resident is often snapped enjoying her puffs. Nicknamed as the vaping vamp, Michelle hardly steps out without a vape pen on her lips.

Simon Cowell

The Britain’s Got Talent judge, Simon Cowell, has always been in the spotlight enjoying his cigars. However, it was until late in 2022, that the England-born producer took up on vaping, stating concerns about his son's health. Recent reports reveal that Simon, who once joked about his “80 cigarettes-a day” smoking habit, " finally quit smoking with the help of vapes. 

The Tv host, who on one account explained how he thought vaping would never happen, openly vapes today. And from the looks, he’s proud to have found a smoking alternative as much as he did it for his young son.

Richard Hammond

The England-born journalist is occasionally spotted enjoying his vapes when not presenting on TV. In several interviews, the Tv presenter was recorded saying how he never smoked. He’s, however, been spotted vaping severally between filming sessions.

Katy Perry

The Californian musician can’t hold back her love for vaping. The 39-year-old singer was recently spotted with an ego Twist vape at her labour day party. From the looks, all you could tell was how pleasurable the vape pen was.

Katy has also been spotted severally enjoying many other vape pens. However, she seems to have a liking for black or bright purple vaporisers.

Tom Hardy

The England-born “Black Hawk Down” actor always has his lips busy puffing even on his interviews. It's as if the actor has made vape pens his close accessory even when on high-profile events. Although, Tom Hardy is reported to have taken over vaping after his doctor's warnings about smoking. 

Lady Gaga

The “poker face” hitmaker whose vaping enthusiasm is said to have resulted from the desire to stop smoking hardly puts her vapes down. The American singer has on different occasions claimed she stop smoking, and has even joked about smoking and vaping on Twitter. The musician who termed her quitting cigar habits as brutal seems to be enjoying the new take on puffing e-cigarettes.

Is Vaping Healthy?

Lots of research is still ongoing on whether vaping is healthy. But what is known at the moment is that vape kits are the best escape paths for anyone intending to cut short their tobacco addiction. However, vaping is illegal for the underaged and should only be sold to persons over 19 years old.


Despite having taken the world by storm, vaping is still a new trend but seems beneficial. More so for celebrities like Bruno mars, who vowed to his mom about never to smoke again. However, with research still ongoing on the long-term health effects of vaping, it is best to vape responsibly. For anyone struggling with their smoking addiction, the nicotine intake can be your best alternative, although quite "brutal", as lady Gaga calls it.

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