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How to Fix a Disposable Vape that won’t hit

Most disposable vapes are designed to be used and discarded once they run out of e-juice. However, today you can come across a few rechargeable models that are also disposable once the e-liquid is finished. One significant benefit of using disposables is that you have less maintenance to do.

It can be quite frustrating when a disposable vape fails to hit. This problem may result from different issues with each one having various approaches. For example, do you think you may have run out of e-liquid in the vape? This can be one of the reasons why your disposable device fails to hit. Read on for many other reasons and how to troubleshoot them. 

Key components in a disposable vape

According to its design and structure, the battery in the disposable vape powers the heating coils, which in turn vaporise the e-liquid. However, any mishap between these connections, whether from the battery or the coil can cause the vape to stop hitting.

Here are a few key components you need to be aware of in the disposable vape:

E-liquid tank

The e-liquid tank is the reservoir of the e-juice you are vaping. The only problem that can occur here is if your e-liquid gets depleted or air bubbles seal the exit point in the tank.


Disposable vapes have non-rechargeable, intergrated batteries that power the vape when you draw air from the mouthpiece. So, different mishaps with the battery can stall your vape's normal operation, as you’ll see in the next section.


This heating element turns the e-liquid in your device to vapour. The coil is only operational when the battery's electric power flows. Any e-liquid drop that contacts the heated coil is turned to vapour instantly.


This is where you inhale your vape from. The mouthpiece also doubles up as a switch to fire on the vape. 

Possible causes of stopped hitting in disposable vapes

Each of the parts above plays key roles in the normal operation of your disposable vape. This means a possible failure in any part can malfunction or cause the whole device to stop hitting.

Here are some possible causes:

Blocked airflow holes

Besides the mouthpiece, each disposable vape has small side air intake holes. Due to their small sizes, these air holes can be easily blocked, thus failing to activate the vacuum effect created when you suck on the mouthpiece.

Malfunctioned Battery

Power from the battery will only flow if it has enough charge. Most disposable vapes have light indicators on the sides that notify the remaining charge in the battery. You need to look at the indicator when inhaling.

Blinking lights means the battery has power. No lights means the battery has no charge or it has malfunctioned. The battery will only malfunction if the vape is dropped on a hard floor or in water. Are you wondering how to know if it’s a malfunction on the battery?

There is no exact way to test for a malfunctioned battery. But you can tell from how you have been using the vape. Most disposable vapes have an average of 600 puffs. Which means if you bought it recently and haven’t inhaled half or close to your 599th puff, it’s possible that the battery malfunctioned.

Depleted E-liquid

How fast can the e-liquid get depleted? This depends on how hard you puff. You need to take slow and steady puffs. If however, you’ve been taking heavy puffs, it is possible that you may have vaporised all the available e-liquid in your vape.

Unfortunately, disposable vapes are not refillable, so if you’ve run out of e-liquid, there’s nothing you can do other than throw the device.

How to troubleshoot and fix a disposable that won’t hit

Each of the above causes may be the culprit behind your vape’s failure to hit. But how do you know the cause and how to approach it?

Here are a few fixes to help you:

Check the indicator lights when inhaling the vape kit

If your vape has no indicator lights, there’s not much you can do. However, if the lights are blinking but still have no vapour on the mouthpiece, the battery is operational.

Similarly, if the lights are not blinking, and you have no charging ports on the device, there’s almost nothing you can do to revive the dead battery. If you are lucky to have a rechargeable device, you may need to plug it in. Remember, any non-authorised connections to charge a disposable vape are dangerous and can ignite the device or explode the battery.

Check the mouthpiece

If you carry the vape in cotton pockets, it is possible that the mouthpiece blocked with dirt and cotton particles. This blockage reduces the sufficient airflow necessary to activate the device. The best remedy in such a case is to remove the mouthpiece and check for any obstructions.

If you have a fixed vape mouthpiece, the best you can do is insert the sharp end of a toothpick or needle in the mouthpiece airhole to dislodge any stuck particles.

Check for blocked airflow holes

Using the sharp end of a toothpick, needle or pin, locate the airflow holes and gently clear anything stuck in them.

Take a break from the vape pen

You may have weakened the wicking material if you’ve been taking prolonged and harder puffs. Unfortunately, the best you can do here is to let the device stay untouched for some minutes. This, together with some gentle shakes, can help soak back the wicking material.

If the vape works after this remedy, you should reduce your hard puffs to slow and steady hits.

Gently shake the vape pen

Air bubbles may be trapped between the e-liquid and the Vape coil. So, a gentle tap or shake can help dislodge any trapped air. In this case, taking a break for a few minutes before vaping again will also be helpful.

Contact your vendor for a return

If the vape failed to hit just after you unboxed it, you might need to check if your seller has a return policy. Disposable vapes are often mass-produced, so a slight inconsistency can cause the device to stop hitting.


If everything else fails, you won’t have much to do than throw the vape away. However, to prevent future occurrences, ensure you buy your vapes from reputable sellers. Take slow and steady hits. Avoid dropping the vape on hard concrete floors.

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