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3mg Vape Juice

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    Puff Dragon Blackcurrant Smoothie E liquid is an invigorating fusion of blackcurrant and milk, this e-liquid is all the fun of a blackcurrant smoot...

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    Original price £20.00 - Original price £20.00
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For some vapers, nicotine is an essential ingredient. This is more so the case for vapers who are trying to quit smoking on those that love the throat hit.

It’s vital to get the nicotine concentration right to ensure the best possible experience. However, that is often easier said than done. The best approach is to start low and build upwards. Our collection of 3mg nicotine is the best place to start.

With a low concentration of nicotine means you get the throat hit you so badly want without taking in too much that you feel fatigued at the end of your vape session.

Our collection of 3mg nicotine vape juice features the most popular brands which include but not limited to; Top Vape, Litejoy, Furious Fish, and Pukka Juice among others.

In addition to the diversity in brands, the 3mg juice is available in numerous flavours. The flavour collection includes fruity flavours, custards highlighted by the Vanilla Custard from Furious Fish, mints, menthols, slushies, and fizzy drinks like the Cherry Cola from Double Drip among others.

Quality Tested Juices

As usual, Flawless Vape maintains high standards of quality for all its vape products, particularly vape liquids.

The easiest way to ruin your vaping experience is vaping a stale vape liquid bottle or an inferior quality e-liquid. That is why we do everything in our power to save our customers from this jarring experience.

As Flawless Vape, we only deal with the best and most reputable brands in the market, and as an extra safety net, we also conduct our own random tests on every batch of e-liquid we receive from our suppliers.

During these tests, we are looking for TPD compliance for our 3mg vape juice collection, composition and quality of ingredients and finally freshness of the vape liquid.

Leading Vape Distributor in the UK

Flawless Vape has painstakingly built an empire and a reputation as one of the leading distributors of quality vape products in the UK. This is one of the reasons why quality control is so dear to us. We understand we have thousands of vapers that rely on us to supply them with a variety of the best quality vape products and we never disappoint.

We have distribution rights with most of the vaping brands and exclusive rights with some of the brands. This means that you can only find some of their products in our outlets. Being a major distributor, we also enjoy certain privileges like getting all the new vape liquids and products before everyone else.

With us, you not only have access to quality and diversity but also all the new vape products and vape liquid flavours first!

Why Choose Flawless Vape?

  • The greatest challenge vapers face when buying vape products is quality. At Flawless Vape, all our products come with a quality guarantee, so you have nothing to worry about.
  • All our products are competitively and reasonably priced to ensure you can enjoy the best vaping products money can buy.
  • You get to enjoy free shipping within the UK for orders worth £30 or more.