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Bogan Brews

It is one thing to create custom e-liquid tailored to your liking, and it’s another thing to come up with unique tastes and flavours that every other vaper loves. It’s nothing short of ingenuity, passion and dedication. Well, as hard as it may be, one man shocked the world by doing what most people only dreamt of. 

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Vaping Bogan (got his name from his review site) launched his best flavours – his e-juice line and the industry loves it. If you haven’t tried it yet, Flawless Vape has some of the high-quality flavours in stock. Place an order today and taste what all the hype is about.

Bogan Brews E-Liquid Flavours

With a creative mind, the sky is the limit. From Bogan’s line of e-liquids, you can tell that he is a man who eats, breathes and lives vaping. He is passionate about the industry and wants everyone to get the best vaping experience like he has time and time again. 

Some of the Bogan e-juices include the Duck and Nuts. And quite honestly, this e-juice is worthy of the name. It tastes like a savoury deep-fried doughnut that’s stuffed with a sweet cherry jam. There is also the Six N Out which has a fruity taste. It has blackcurrants and lush lychee flavours that will keep you blowing thick clouds all day long. 

And if you are into healthy eating, you are quite familiar with oatmeals. Bogan has got you covered with the Ridgy Didge which tastes like oatmeal cookies that have a drizzle of zesty lemon and some icing to add to the flavour. It will be like you are having the cookie in real-time!

If you are one of the firm believers in the saying ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’, you’ll love the Fair Dinkum e-juice. It is fruity and tastes like peach, apples, and berries. And for the sweet tooth, Bogan thought of you and made the Coorong Cola which provides a dose of cola and a fizzy candy.

Now, with all the above e-juices, you’ll find that they all have one thing in common – they are bold and custom. But even more important, they meet the industry requirements. They are also all mixed to the ratios 4:1 of VG to PG.

Note: the e-juices are available in 50 ml packaging, which is more than enough for most people.

UK’s Leading Vape Distributor

Flawless Vape is all about offering the best. And what type of business would we be if we did not provide new and mindblowing e-juices? But in addition to Bogan, we have a long list of vape products that beginners and experts will find exciting. Moreover, we’ve also made a point of only working with top and reputable companies in the industry. This way, you are guaranteed high-quality without having to cross-check.

Why choose Flawless Vape shop?

There are numerous vape shops in the UK vaping industry. So why would you choose us? 

  • First, because we offer more than just products. We are also concerned with you making the right choice. 
  • Second, our products are affordably priced.
  • And third, purchases above £30 are delivered for free within the UK.