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29/06/2020 - We're Operating as Usual
29/06/2020 - We're Operating as Usual


  • Sony VTC5A Battery

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    Sony VTC5A Battery


    Sony VTC5A 18650 Battery Brand: Sony Energy Model: VTC5A (US18650VTC5A) Size: 18650 Chemistry: NMC Nominal Capacity: 2600mAh Nominal Voltage: 3.6...

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E-Cigarette Batteries

A vape unit is made up of different components such as a battery, tank, coil, drip tip, and E-liquid. Each element is essential, but the battery serves as the heart of it. The battery supplies power to the vape, allowing it to correctly function and fulfil your vape needs. The E-cig batteries are designed for beginners and intermediate vapers, featuring mainly built-in batteries. Advanced vape mods usually feature a battery body and use one or more high drain batteries.

If you are beginning to vape and are confused on what battery to use for your vaping needs, don’t worry because Flawless Vape Shop is here to help. We offer a wide variety of battery selections that we guarantee to have high quality and has passed a high standard screening just for you. ...

Types of Batteries

There are two types of batteries namely, the internal and external batteries. It's quite easy to differentiate between the two. Internal batteries are those that come alongside your unit or mod when having purchased them, while the external Batteries are those bought from store separately.

What are External batteries and why use them?

E-Cig batteries, like in any other electronic devices, wear out as you continuously use them. As time goes by, you'll notice that your internal battery life becomes smaller and smaller. Imagine this, after charging your mod, you'll use it of course, but only after a few minutes of use, the battery is low again! Frustrating, right? Flawless Vape Shop UK offers a wide variety of external batteries to avoid such frustrating moments.

External batteries have many advantages over the internal ones. They are more flexible as you have a variety of choices to choose from. You can even buy spare, so when the battery you are using gets low, you can easily take them out and use them! This way, you can enjoy quality vape without any interruptions.

External Batteries Basics: Sizes

The size is another essential characteristic of the battery. The standard cells used for vaping are called “18650” batteries. This can be broken down into two essential parts: 18 and 65. The 18 tells you the diameter of the battery in mm, and the 65 shows you the length of the battery, 65 mm. Therefore, an 18650 battery is 18 mm in diameter and 65 mm tall.

Be sure to look up your battery type to order the correct size of batteries. But whatever they are, be it 18650, 20700 or maybe even a 21700 battery, we at the Flawless Vape Shop UK have got them for you.

Other Things to Consider

20700 and 21700 batteries are larger and of a higher capacity than most 18650 chargers. But fear not, Flawless Vape Shop has got you covered! We offer brands like Nitecore i4 which can charge up to 4 batteries of 18650, 20700, and 21700. But if you are looking for the best 18650 battery charger, Efest is the one for you.

A Friendly Reminder from Flawless Vape Shop

Upon buying external batteries, make sure that you "marry" them. Vapers are now following a trend to "marry" their external batteries. This means always using a pair of batteries at the same time. For example, you have four batteries; you group them into two sets; set A and set B. You must make sure that you won't use a battery from the set A with the battery from the set B as the mod drains them both at the same speed.

If one battery is old and the other is brand new, the older battery won’t respond as well as the newer one, and probably won’t hold a charge as well either. Here, one battery is put under more stress than the other, hence does more work. One of the batteries may be more depleted than the other, however as its partner shares some of the load, the mod will still fire, but you’ll still be asking for a lot from the nearly-drained battery.

Why Choose Flawless Vape Shop?

Flawless Vape Shop offers a wide variety of high-quality products. We make sure that you get only the best out of each purchase to make your vaping experience an enjoyable one. Purchases over £20 in a single transaction will mean free delivery. You can also try to contact our knowledgeable customer service online if you have any questions who will gladly help you out!