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Flawless Vape has played a critical role in the vaping industry for many years. It has been a distributor and interacted with many new and experienced vapers. Using the feedback from vapers, Flawless Vape partnered with the IVG brand – a unique vape liquid brand geared towards delivering memorable vaping experiences to all vapers.

Through this partnership, Flawless Vape and IVG donate 50p from every bottle sold to the NHS. Other than giving back, vapers opting for IVG vape liquids have the chance to enjoy some of the most delectable flavours filled with freshness and a cool burst of menthol.

IVG E-Liquids

IVG e-liquids is an award-winning premium vape liquid brewer that focuses on high VG juices. The brand was formerly known as ‘I Love VG.' IVG makes nicotine-free vape liquids that come in 50ml or 60ml shortfill bottles that allow you to mix your preferred nicotine strength to the bottle.

There's an exceptional range of flavours from the IVG staple, giving vapers the freedom to choose what works best for them. Some of the top flavours that get a lot of attention include:

Black bullet

The black bullet is a classic blend of crisp but soft peppermint hard-boiled candy. It brings back those nostalgic old-school memories while delivering savoury notes. The flavour comes as a 50ml e-liquid as a 60ml shortfill so that you can add 10ml of your preferred nicotine strength. It is a 70% VG blend which is perfect for large cloud production without dumping the flavour quality and production. This vape liquid works best when used with sub-ohm vape kits or tanks.

How to Fill Your IVG x Flawless Black Bullet Bottle

IVG doesn’t lock out vapers that like to have nicotine in all their vape liquid. Instead, it allows you to customise your nicotine strength. When adding nicotine to your black bullet bottle, don’t add more than one 10ml bottle of nicotine. This will ensure you get the right concentration of nicotine without diluting the flavour of the vape liquid.

There’s no science to how you can add nicotine to the vape liquid. Open both bottles and pour the nicotine inside the vape liquid and shake thoroughly. Ideally, you want to let the nicotine diffuse for a couple of hours. But, the mixture is ready to use right after mixing.

Quality Tested Vape Liquids

Flawless Vape is the preferred vape distributor for thousands of vapers. We appreciate that vapers trust us to deliver the best vaping experience. This is why we have quality assurance processes in place to ensure we can always deliver the best-quality e-juices to all vapers.

Our quality assurance process starts by ensuring we partner with brands that are equally passionate about the quality of vape liquids like us. We randomly test every batch of vape liquids we receive from our supplies. We check the quality of ingredients used in the products, and we also check for freshness.

With Flawless Vape, you can explore your adventurous side by experimenting with various vape liquid brands and flavours without worrying about vaping low-quality e-liquids.