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Got Salts E Liquid

For vapers looking for an alternative to smoking, nicotine-infused vape liquids are the perfect alternative.

One of the most experienced UK-based nic salts brands is Got salts, and they have a wide range of nic salts flavours with up to 20mg nicotine strength to keep your cravings in check while ensuring you have a plethora of flavour options to choose from.

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Got Salts vape liquids can be used with starter kits and pod-style devices. This makes them extremely versatile and convenient for most vapers.

Got Salts Product Range

Got Salts has ten unique flavours of vape liquids. The flavours include fruits, berry, desserts tobacco and others depending on what you're in the mood for. The nicotine strengths in the vape juices are between one and 2% concentration, and the juices are carefully balanced out with equal PG and VG concentrations to guarantee exceptional flavour and cloud productions.

Black and Blue

This blue slush vape liquid is a fan-favourite in the Got Salts staple. It has flavour tones of sweet blackcurrant to give the juice a slight sourness which is quite captivating. Other fruity options that you can consider when giving Got Salts a try are Peachy Promise which packs hints of tropical passion fruits, and tropical red.


For sweet tooths, you have various options to pick from the Got Salts line-up. The Purple Mojito is a great start. This sweet purple and mojito blend will fill your mouth with bliss and complex flavour tones that leave you wanting more.

You can also opt for the gummy inspired Dragon Burst which also has a mixed fruit twist or Candid Candy for those after a sugar rush as well.

If you prefer the fresh breath of spearmint with a cool touch of menthol, then Polar is the perfect flavour for you.

Quality Tested Juices

One of the ways to ensure that you have the best experience when vaping is to make sure that you always buy your vape liquids from reliable sources. It’s also imperative that you purchase from reputable and established brands.

With so many brands, it’s hard for a vaper to keep tabs on all of them. That is why Flawless Vape Shop takes the mantle of ensuring we only provide you with the best quality vape liquids so you can only worry about sampling all the different flavours.

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