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If you are one of those vapers who love discovering new tastes and flavours, including fruits, you are in the right place. Burst Duo is a relatively new e-liquid company that has set its sights on providing its clients with fresh, and fruity flavours. The flavours are refreshing and authentic.

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But in the sea of vaping products and counterfeits surfacing every other day, it can be challenging to pick an original e-juice for the ultimate vaping experience. But that’s where Flawless Vape comes in. We have purposed to research and offer guidance on authentic e-juices. As such, everything you’ll see on this page is an authentic Burst Duo product. We take all the guesswork and uncertainty out of choosing premium and high-quality e-juices and vaping accessories.

Burst Duos Collection

Burst Duo has outdone themselves with their e-juice collection. While most manufacturers and DIYer vapers settle for okay and standard ingredients, they do not use anything short of excellent ingredients available in the industry. It is because of their attention to the quality of the individual ingredients that the juices taste like real fruit cocktails made from kiwi, watermelon, strawberry, citrus and mango. In the summer months, it will be like you are enjoying a sherbet ice-cream.

So if they are so great, why aren’t other manufacturers coming up with such flavours? Unfortunately, it always breaks down to the ingredients and the complexity of mixing the ingredients to get the e-liquid.

As their name suggests, Burst duo is all about making mixing two flavours – after all; two are better than one. The element of combining two flavours improves the fun and taste. Some of the duo flavours include:

  • Kiwi Strawberry e-liquid – these are fresh summer strawberries that are blended with a sweet kiwi for a flavour that explodes in your mouth
  • Apple-watermelon liquid – this flavour features red apples mixed with a juicy watermelon
  • Peach raspberry e-liquid – ripe peaches balanced with fresh raspberries for an elevated fruity flavour

The e-liquids contain 70% VG and 30% PG, which is the recommended ratio for easier e-juice wicking and consequently a better vaping experience.

UK’s Leading Vape Distributor

Being a distributor alone is not an easy task. You can, therefore, imagine the amount of hard work and toil that went into transforming a small business into an industry leader. Part of the reason we have been successful this far s because of our insistence on high-quality and working only with reputable brands in the industry. This move helps us to weed out substandard products and save you time in the long run.

In addition to this, we have affordable prices and try all we can to guide our clients in purchasing the best flavours. And last but not least, we have made meaningful business partnerships that allow us to have a vast list of products on our catalogue.

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