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iJOY is one of the leading companies in the vaping industry. The company has a presence in multiple countries, and its collection of vape products is a testament to its tenets and values in producing quality, industrial-grade vaping products and accessories.

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The company has invested in a team of excellent experts known as the iJOY Elite Team. The team is responsible for balancing all the qualities of iJOY products to make sure each of their products is cost-efficient, high quality, provide accurate control to the user and reliable.

Regardless of which of the iJOY vaping products you try, the quality and extensive research that goes into each of the products are apparent.

iJOY Product Range

iJOY has virtually every vaping hardware you would be looking for. Their vast catalogue includes:

  • Batteries – You will find all types of batteries with different ratings. At Flawless Vape, you will find 21700, and 20700mAh batteries.
  • Tanks and coils – There are plenty of tanks and coils to choose from. No matter what your vaping preferences are if you're keen on getting quality parts and accessories including tanks and coils for your tank, iJOY has just the parts for you including sub-ohm tanks.
  • Vape Kits – Pick from a variety of iJoy vape kits. You can decide to try the ultra-famous iJOY Diamond VPC vape kit or the iJOY Mercury Vape Kit. No matter what your favourite e liquid is, you’re assured of quality and reliability with whichever vape kit you choose.


How do I set up my IJOY Vape?

Each IJOY vape product has user manuals that can be found to their website. Select the vape product that you are using and download the manual to start setting up your IJOY vape.

How do I update my IJOY Avenger?

Tip: the devices itself wouldn’t indicate anything during updating process

  1. Take out the batteries
  2. Make USB cable connect the computer first
  3. Hold the fire button and then make USB cable connect your device
  4. Open updating Software
  5. Click “choose” to choose the file for the device update
  6. Finally, click “Update” to finish updating

Leading Vape Distributor in the UK

Flawless Vape is recognised as one of the leading vape distributors in the UK. We have taken a keen and strategic approach in building partnerships that provide vapers with the best quality, competitively priced vaping products that guarantee the best experience.

As a leading vape distributor, we understand the responsibility that comes with our position in ensuring vapers enjoy high-quality vaping products. That is why we independently perform random tests on all the products supplied to us before making them available to our customers.

At Flawless Vape Shop, you have all your favourite products and brands in one place. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the products you buy. It’s guaranteed.

Why Choose Flawless Vape Shop?

Finding the right supplier for your vaping product is the first and most crucial step in ensuring an excellent vaping experience. Here are some of the reasons why you should make us your vaping supplier:

  • Diversity – Vaping is about trying new experiences and products. With our extensive product range, you will never run short of new products to try out to keep improving your vaping experience.
  • Affordable – You don’t have to dent your pockets buying vaping products. We offer competitive, reasonable and affordable prices for our vaping products. What’s more, we also offer discounts and sales that you can take advantage of.
  • Quality guaranteed – You never have to worry about substandard products with Flawless Vape Shop as your supplier. We run quality checks on all products before making them available to our customers, so you have nothing to worry about.