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Are you enthusiastic about buying the best quality vaping products? We have presented you with premium-quality vaping kits from My Vapery. My Vapery has a wide range of e-liquids that are highly essential for vaping purposes. You may check our collection if you desire the freshest e-liquid for the best experience. Our top-rated e-liquids contain safe ingredients and diverse flavours.

You can choose vaping products from a trusted manufacturer. 

My Vapery has introduced Freebase and nic salts for vaping enthusiasts. You need to know the difference between these vaping products.

Freebase nicotine from My Vapery

The 50/50 freebase contains main ingredients like vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol. PG is responsible for the flavour of the e-liquid and provides the throat-hit sensation. On the other hand, VG generates more vapour and ensures a slight amount of throat hit. Other ingredients in the 50/50 e-liquid include freebase nicotine and a flavour. The strength can range from 3mg to 6mg. Some consumers also prefer a higher dosage of around 18 mg.

Freebase nicotine does not contain any additives. It takes time to get absorbed by the bloodstream. However, it is better to stick to the lower dosage to avoid harsh feelings. Freebase nicotine produces a high amount of clouds. It is suitable for both mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung vaping processes. If you need minimal nicotine for vaping, you can buy Freebase nic. As it undergoes oxidation, the shelf life is comparatively shorter. So, you need to consume it within a short time of buying it.

Buy nic salts from My Vapery

Nic salts also have 50% PG and 50% VG. Besides, they have nicotine and flavouring. However, the type of nicotine used for the product is different. The pH balance of nicotine salts is neutral when compared to freebase nicotine. They are also available in high levels of nicotine, which may be around 18 to 20 mg. The best fact is that they get absorbed within a shorter time. Smokers with heavy smoking habits can invest in nic salts.

Even though doses are high, you will have a smooth sensation from the e-liquid. However, you may not find high complexity in flavour. Another advantage of nicotine salts is that they do not produce a high amount of clouds. If you desire mouth-to-lung vaping, you can choose nic salts. Mixed users and newbie vapers can also buy these products. Many consumers prefer these nic salts because of the longer shelf life. They undergo oxidation slowly, and that’s why they do not get damaged easily.



Choose the flavour profile of My Vapery e-liquids

E-liquids are available in different flavour groups-

Tropical or fruity

Many vapers prefer e-liquids infused with fruity flavours. There are different flavour combinations for those who love fruity tones. For instance, you can choose from grape, watermelon, pomegranate, and blackcurrant. Tropical vape juices have interesting and complex flavours, which easily give a tingling sensation to your taste buds. Whether you are a strawberry lover or a mango flavour enthusiast, you can find the right choice in our collection. The tangy lime and lemon will also make you feel refreshed.

Icy / Refreshing

 Menthol-filled, minty, or icy e-liquids have become highly popular among vapers. If you have a habit of smoking menthol cigarettes, you can choose these vape juices. The minty vape will give you the best feelings. In the case of icy vapes, you will find some options. Some icy e-liquids have a blend of watermelon ice with a different flavour. Sometimes, you can enjoy a sweet taste while inhaling the vapour. At the same time, you will find a minty flavour while exhaling it.

Candy or dessert

E-juice is available in candy and dessert flavours. Some common dessert flavours are meringue and ice cream. You can also transform them into decadent e-liquids. If you love sweet treats, you can buy candy-flavoured e-juices. You will enjoy tantalising vapour while experiencing the vape juices. Many consumers prefer watermelon bubblegum and other bubblegum varieties. Some e-liquids have a sour tone and lip-smacking flavours.

My Vapery presents you with beverage-inspired e-liquids that have become popular in the vaping world. Drink-flavoured e-juices range from creamy smoothies and pina coladas to cocktail-inspired liquids.


Tobacco-flavoured e-liquid is the perfect choice for everyone, no matter whether you have had a smoking habit in the past. Rich and full-bodied e-liquid with tobacco flavour has drawn the attention of several vaping enthusiasts. The tobacco vaping juice is available as a short-fill e-liquid or nic salt. The bold and sophisticated e-liquid flavour is an excellent choice.

Select the right type of e-juice from My Vapery

Flavours are not the only factor to be considered while buying vaping juice. 

PG and VG ratio

Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin are major constituents in e-liquid. The percentage of PG and VG helps you determine the way e-juice behaves. An e-liquid with high VG is considerably viscous because VG is thicker than Propylene Glycol. It has a slightly sweet and syrupy texture. So, e-liquid with thicker consistency may consume more battery and heat to vaporise.

On the other hand, an e-liquid with a higher amount of Propylene Glycol is ideal for use in a vape pen or low-energy-consuming pod kit. Vape liquids containing a higher level of PG are thinner, and you can easily vaporise them.

After buying e-liquids, you can shop for different vaping products from My Vapery. These disposables are the right choice for those who are trying out these products for the first time. The compact kits are pre-filled with juices. You can instantly use them after making a purchase. You can shop for e-liquid by flavour, nicotine strength, and VG/PG ratio.

Nicotine-free shortfills are best for those who do not like a throat hit. Each vaper has unique needs. You can surely find the right one because we have a large collection of different vaping products. High-quality branded products are found in diverse flavours. Explore our store and make a deal with us. You can also find discounts on our vaping products.