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MyBlu Pods

The biggest predicament of any beginner vaper is finding the right vape pen. With a long list of features finding the perfect hardware for your first vape is often easier said than done.

In most cases, you have to settle for a more complex option, and with so much to deal with, your vaping experience could easily get off on the wrong footing.

To save you the trouble, you can just try out My Blu – a super light-weight, a compact beginner vape pen that comes with pre-filled pods.

Since even newbies have preferences in taste, My Blue offers a wide variety of flavours with the pre-filled pods.

Some of the flavours you can expect to enjoy from this beginner-focused brand include menthol, blueberry, apple, cherry crush, caramel, ginseng ginger and lemon, among others. For transitioning smokers, there are vape liquids that contain varying nicotine concentrations to appeal to as many vapers as possible.

Size, weight and Feel

The last thing you want is to start your vaping journey with an advanced mod that is bulging in your pockets and makes your coat sag.

Myblu is a light-weight vape weighing in at 21 grams with the battery. It is compact, easy to carry around and above all, discrete to use. Despite the light-weight construction, the device has a solid build and feels strong and sturdy.

To make sure you’re ushered into vaping the right way, myblu has a sleek and gadgety design that gives you insight on what to expect going forward.

The Hit

For quitting smokers, throat hit is a common concern. You want the right amount of hit, so you don't slip back into smoking.

Myblu has an excellent draw that mimics that of a cigarette in more ways than one. There’s a substantial amount of warm vapour produced by the device despite its size.

The only challenge might be picking the right nicotine concentration, but with several options to choose from, you will easily find your way.

MyBlue Flavours

One of the strong points of myblu is the different flavours it offers to its customers. You would think not much thought or effort goes into the vape liquids considering that these are meant for novices who might not know much about vaping and flavours.

But, once again, the brand outdoes itself by providing a strong line of carefully crafted and well-balanced flavours, which offer the ultimate vaping experience.

Battery life and charging

The weight of the devices raises concerns about the battery and battery life. Myblu is powered by a 350mAh battery. It doesn't sound like much, but it's quite robust given the size and functions of the device. 

With the battery, you can easily go through a full pod before you need to recharge. However, that might depend on how often you hit. Ideally, the battery should take well over a day.

When inhaling, the device has an LED light that will light up. The colour of the light indicates the battery status. When it glows red, it’s time to recharge.

It takes about 30 minutes for the battery to recharge fully. It's quite fast, so you don't have to worry about missing any vape sessions.

Myblu is designed for starters but also works great for intermediaries. If you’re looking for a great device that doesn’t demand much and does an excellent job, this one fits right in.