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VGOD is a vaping brand that was set up by vapers for vapers. The brand aimed to inspire creativity and artistry using unique means. Using this approach, the brand has grown over the years to become one of the most notable names in the vaping industry.

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Although you might not have tried out any of VGOD’s delectable range of vape juice, you have most likely come across their vape trick videos on YouTube or Facebook. This is how the brand channels its artistry and creativity by making minigun hoops and various other shapes out of vapour.

If you think their vape tricks are cool, you should give the brand's range of vape juices a try. We have all the flavours available on Flawless Vape, and we can deliver them to you within the UK by the next workday.

VGOD E-Liquid Flavour Range

For vapers that would like to try a bit of everything that VGOD offers, the brand has their vape juices classified in a series that makes it easier for you to sample the different flavour profiles.

Cigar Line

The Cigar line of vape liquid flavours is inspired by Cuban cigars. The juices vary widely in terms of flavour but have the same undertones. They are richly robust with the classic and elegant flavour of Cuban cigars.

  • Cubano – Cubano sets the tone in the Cigar line of flavours. It pairs the sophisticated cigar taste with a touch of creamy vanilla to give you a timeless flavour for all-day vaping.
  • Cubano Silver – Cubano silver builds on the traction of the Cubano flavour. It has a rolling taste of buttery vanilla custard with a dash of spiciness and the sweetness of caramelised brown sugar and honey. It’s the perfect mixture for vapers that love earthy and sophisticated flavours.
  • Cubano Black – Cubano black has been blended and aged to perfection. It is a handcrafted flavour that is pre-steeped for months before making its way to the shelf. It packs the same undertone of creamy custard but has a smooth and well-balanced flavour.

Lush Line

The Lush line is for fruity flavour lovers. It has a delicate balance of sweetness and fruity juiciness with that Caribbean and tropical feel.

  • SourLicious – Sourlicious kicks off the Lush line range of flavours with a smooth and tart blend. It features sour watermelon candy on the inhale and a sugary exhale. It's not too sugary, which makes it an excellent taste for all-day vaping.
  • Lush Ice – This is VGOD's signature watermelon candy flavour. To capture that tropical feeling, the e-liquid is fused with a fresh breeze of menthol. It has a mixture of melon flavours on the exhale to go with the smooth and cool feel on the inhale.
  • Luscious – For that burst of fresh and juicy watermelons, this is the perfect flavour. It has a mix of sweet and fruity undertones that deliver an excellent vaping experience.

Bomb Line

The bomb line comes in two varieties. There is the Bomb line, and there is the Ice bomb line. The latter features the same flavours as the former but with a touch of menthol. 

  • Apple Bomb – Create a mesmerising splash of sweet and tangy apples with this well-crafted apple flavour. Throughout, the flavour maintains the steady, rich sour tartness of apples and rounds up with a sweet taste on the exhale.
  • Mango Bomb – It’s hard to find a vape juice flavour that embodies the tropical feeling better than this mango-inspired flavour. It packs the mouth-watering nectar of mangoes. The flavour recreates the succulent nature of ripe mangoes delivering vivid flavours to your tastebuds.
  • Berry Bomb – VGOD uses this flavour to show off its flavour balancing prowess. The Berry bomb balances the sweetness and sourness of strawberries, creating a satisfying candied strawberry taste on the base notes.

Most of VGOD’s vape juices come in 60ml packaging filled up to 50 ml. For vapers that like adding a nic shot, the 10ml allowance is all you need. The brand also has its own range of salt nic e-juices. Most of these are nicotine-free varieties infused with nicotine.

You can choose between 3mg and 6mg nicotine strength with this brand which is within range for most levels of vapers.

Quality Tested Vape Juices

When it comes to vape juices, there are two main concerns that Flawless Vape addresses very well. The first one is quality. We know the terrible taste low-quality vape juices can leave in your mouth. That is why we have high-quality standards that all our suppliers must meet. To ensure this, we randomly test every batch of e-liquid we receive before making it available to our customers.

The other concern is diversity. Vapers love trying out new flavours. With thousands of vape liquids from different manufacturers, we ensure your adventurous nature is well taken care of with our regularly updated catalogue.