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Taffy Man E Liquid

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Taffy Man is an Orange County, California based vape liquid brand that started out in 2015. As the name suggests, the brand is candy-biased which focuses on bringing back the nostalgic flavour back to life that is reminiscent of the old years.

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Using an approach that focuses on vape liquids based on popular old candy-like Churros and mini doughnuts, Taffy Man has cut out a niche for itself where it stands out especially among vapers that have a sweet tooth.


Taffy Man’s packaging doesn’t necessarily scream sweetness. Instead, it’s a little scary and has a spooky touch to it.

The packaging has a blob kind of feel to it that is to say the least somewhat creepy. Even though the packaging doesn’t give you an idea of what to expect inside the bottle, it is captivating and quite the attention seeker which is what good packaging should do.

The bottle isn’t very different. However, the transparent look gives you the first view of the vape liquid and gives you an idea of what flavours to expect based on the colour.

Taffy Man E-Juice Flavours

Taffy Man has an interesting collection of flavours. As mentioned earlier, each of these flavours are inspired by classic candies that were a hit back in the day. Some of the most iconic flavours from Taffy Man that are a must-try include:


This is a great blend of saltwater taffy and succulent grape. The main flavour of the vape juice is easily noticeable and comes across as a sweet vape that doesn’t pack that sickly and nauseating feeling which is perfect for long day vaping.

As you would expect, the candies recreated in this vape liquid are all American staples, which makes this a great vape liquid if you’re a fan of American candy.

The GR8APE has a high VG content and the flavour is on point. The vapour production is just as good providing an excellent vaping experience all round.


At first, this flavour can be confusing but in a good way. It is a mouth-watering blend with a surge of sweetness and a dash of watermelon. For a candy flavoured e-liquid, you wouldn’t expect to get fruity undernotes but it actually works pretty well in this blend.

The H20BRY flavour has great balance offering plenty of sweetness but not overwhelming. The vapour production in the H20BRY is even better, making it perfect for cloud chasers.


This is one of those vape juices that have a truly delectable flavour with notes of sweetness and sourness from the blue raspberries. It is a great swirl that features saltwater taffy flavour with a great inhale that features a burst of blue raspberry flavour and unique taffy taste highlights on the exhales.

The blend ratio for this one maintains the same 70% VG preference for stunning vapour production while maintaining excellent flavour.

No matter what Taffy Man E-liquid flavour you’re after, we have it at Flawless Vape. We are always looking out for new flavours so you can keep checking back for new and exciting flavours.