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Vaptio is a Seatle, US-based vaping brand founded in 2014 that specialises in vaping hardware. The brand has made a name for itself by continually releasing new vaping hardware designs that have been a hit with the users.

Vaptio has been a trail-blazer in the vaping industry and was among the first companies to use the mesh coil in their Paragon tank before other brands joined in and made it the big deal that it is today. Vaptio places its R&D focus on providing its loyal customers with ultra-high quality vape gear and accessories.

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The company’s dedication to quality is evident in the international standards and qualifications that its laboratories are compliant with.

Vaptio Product Range

Vaptio has a well-distributed range of products that caters to all levels of vapers. They have options for entry-level users to seasoned vapers looking for the most powerful and adjustable mods.

Vapito Kits

Vape kits are a unique setup designed for entry-level vapers. Vaptio has an extensive range of options designed to create an impact while adding convenience to new vapers and providing them with an easy yet exceptional vaping experience. This range of kits includes:

  • Prod – The Prod is an entry-level vape kit that delivers a pro-level vaping experience. With a 20W output, this device generates amazing, stable and flavourful puffs, giving you the best start to your vaping journey. It has a handy LED that displays vital information like battery life as you vape.
  • Keen – The Keen vape kit features a closed pod system and comes with prefilled e-liquid. It has a unique, elegant and aesthetically appealing look that grabs attention. It’s ideal for vapers looking to make a statement while keeping the operation of the vape kit simple and easy to use.
  • Pago mini – For transitioning vapers looking for a device that offers more than a start kit and isn't too complicated to operate like a mod, the Pago Mini is a perfect choice. It's an MTL/RDL pod with three levels of power. It's capable of delivering rich flavours within its compact and portable design. Its superb range of features includes seaweed cotton and a pressure boost circuit design.
  • Cosmo G1 – The Cosmo G1 is a popping-out pod. It has adjustable airflow, a top-fill design to reduces messes and a 510 drip tip. It’s the perfect introduction to the big leagues as you get more comfortable with using vaping devices.
  • Pago – Simple but sturdy, the Pago kit features a full metal body with leather accents. It comes in both VW and RDA modes and is fitted with seaweed cotton for the ultimate flavour production.
  • AirGo Stick – The AirGo Stick goes back to the basics. It focuses on a simple, portable and elegant design, a long battery life and a powerful battery with 11W output. This feature set ensures you can vape on the go and at any time.

Vapito Mods

For experienced vapers looking for powerful, adjustable mods that can be customised to suit their vaping experiences, Vaptio doesn’t disappoint.

  • AirGo Mod – This is the smallest and the lightest mod in the collection. It has an 80mAh battery with 11W max power. It’s ideal for vapers who are buying their first mod and want something manageable and forgiving.
  • Cosmo Mod – This is one of the most famous in the Vaptio mod line. It comes with three power levels, short-circuit protection and easy USB charging. Depending on your vaping preference, you can choose from 3 power levels with the help of visual RGB LED indicators.
  • Cosmo Plus Mod – When design and performance are a priority, the Cosmo Plus Mod is the ideal selection. It has a contemporary design with attractive curves and even better features. The features include a 0.69inch OLED display, an innovative airflow and a pull and plug coil replacement.
  • Fragg 60 Mod – For vaping enthusiasts going all out for the box mod experience, the Fragg 60 is designed for you. Packed with a 2000 mAh battery and 60W max output, this mod lives up to your wildest expectations.
  • Capt – The Capt mod focuses more on flaunting technological advancements in the vaping industry. It has a variable wattage of between 10 – 220W, an external dual 18650 battery but its most prominent feature has to be the 1.3-inch colour TFT display screen.
  • X-Hubble – The X-Hubble is very much like the Capt in some aspects. It offers a wattage range of between 7 – 220W has external dual 18650 batteries but has a larger screen that measures 2 inches.

Vapito Tanks

Besides the impressive collection of vape kits and mods, Vaptio also has a line of outstanding performance tanks for the various kits and mods. Each of the tanks has unique features and is designed to provide an unforgettable experience. The line includes:

  • The keen pod
  • The Cosmo and Cosmo Plus tank
  • The AirGo pod
  • Pago RBA Pod
  • Cosmo G1 Pod with a built-in coil.

Other products in Vaptio’s range include coils and a wide variety of accessories that you can use to personalise your vape hardware to your liking.