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YiHi is one of the biggest vape chip manufacturers in China and has more than 8 years of experience in the vapour industry. Over its extensive period in the market, the company has come up with an extensive collection of impressive devices that cater to everyone from beginners to heavy vapers.

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Over and beyond making hardware, YiHi takes time to identify features that can enhance the vaping experience or make vaping more pleasing. These features are incorporated in the different devices and stretch from longer battery service all the way to Bluetooth functionalities.

Dual Battery Mods

For vapers that love to vaping often and at high wattage, YiHi has an extensive collection of dual battery mods that promise to keep up with your urge for vaping.

The dual battery mods have other interesting features like the backlight screens, variable wattage and state of the art chips that ensure you have the best possible performance while getting more time from your batteries.

You can choose from various designs each fitted with varying features to ensure all experienced vapers can find a mod that is suited to their style and vaping preferences.


A vaping hardware collection would not be complete without pods and YiHi has quite some exciting options. Like other brands, YiHi pods are portable and extremely convenient. However, they would not be YiHi if they didn’t stand out. That’s why this range of pods has a unique classic design with an elegant look.

The pods are excellent for vapers that care about looks and love devices that are appealing and striking. Beyond the looks, the pods, like other YiHi products have intricate features dedicated to providing the best vaping experience like top quality processor, high capacity reservoirs and long-lasting batteries.


To complement its range of mods and pod systems, YiHi also has an exquisite collection of atomizers. Like the mods and pods, there’s a lot of work that has gone into designing the atomizers to make sure they have the right look and performance and saying YiHi has done a great job is an understatement.

Some of the standout features you can expect to enjoy from YiHi atomizers include easy coil changing and e-liquid refill as well as standard configuration. Each Atomizer is designed to provide you with a unique and custom vaping experience which is quite impressive.


YiHi has created a culture of offering diversity and quality in each of their products. with its collection of accessories, you have everything you need for your vaping gear.

The accessory list also features chargers different types of chargers for the different devices, silicon sleeves, and battery caps among others.

Leading Vape Distributor in the UK

At Flawless Vape, you will not only find all your favourite YiHi products, but also products from other world-renowned brands in the vaping industry. We take it upon ourselves to make sure that vapers have as much variety as possible without compromising on the quality of the devices or the experience of vaping.