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Aspire Nautilus Replacement Atomizer Coils (5 Pack)

by Aspire
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Aspire Nautilus Coils are designed to be used with the Aspire Nautilus, Aspire Nautilus Mini and Aspire Nautilus 2 vape tanks. These coils feature larger wicking holes for improved wicking, coupled with the BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) Configuration - which increases flavour and cloud production.

These coils are available in 0.7 Ohm, 1.6 Ohm and 1.8 Ohm resistances allowing the user to configure their tank for either sub ohm vaping or mouth to lung vaping, making them ideal for new users and experienced vapers alike.

Aspire Nautilus Coils Contains

  • 5 x Aspire Nautilus Replacement Coil (BVC)

Vaping is a fun and experience-filled activity. But, when the vape kit develops issues, the fun is no longer guaranteed. Among the many problems that vapers often face is consistent reheating and cool downs of their coils, which eventually burn out.

However, the Aspire vape brand has found unique solutions to curb damaged coils in their series of tanks. The company has designed high-quality coils with various resistance levels to ensure a consistent and flavourful vaping experience. These coils come in 0.7 ohms, 1.6 ohms, and 1.8 ohms resistance levels, so you can pick one that best matches your preference.

Benefits of Aspire Nautilus Coils

Despite this fact, the Aspire Nautilus coils are designed for use only with the brand’s series of tanks. These coils come packaged with various benefits for the Aspire Nautilus Mini, Aspire Nautilus and Aspire Nautilus 2 vape tanks.

These benefits are:

Vertical coil design

This coil design comes with organic cotton-wicking material that helps to produce a consistent and flavourful vapour with every puff you inhale. On the other hand, the organic cotton wicking material ensures efficient absorbent of the e-liquid by the coil. Remember, if your coil cannot absorb sufficient e-liquid, it may burn down and spoil the vape flavour in your e-juice.

Multiple resistance levels

These resistance levels are custom-tailored to ensure you have a preferential match for your taste buds. The lower resistance coils will deliver warmer vapour and larger clouds, perfect for cloud chasers. The higher resistance levels will yield cooler vapour with little current. So it’s about what pleases you best.

Longevity and durability

The Aspire Nautilus coils are designed to last for longer than many other coils in the vape market today. This is mainly because of their high-quality materials structure as well as the vertical coil design. In addition, the coil design ensures there’s little to no burnout by distributing heat evenly around the coil.

Technical specifications of the Aspire Nautilus coils

With the advancing technology's influence, a lot goes into the technicality of the Aspire Nautilus coils. Here are some key things you may need to find out about these coils:

Material composition

The Aspire Nautilus coil manufacturers used Kanthal wire and organic cotton wicking material to ensure guaranteed durability. This was intentional for a longer lifespan as well as consistent flavour even when vaping endlessly.

Recommended wattage range

Having tested the Aspire Nautilus coils for their optimal performance range, their manufacturers recommended various wattage ranges based on the possible resistance levels. These ranges include the 0.7-ohm coil to match a wattage range of 18-23 watts, the 1.6-ohm coil has a recommended wattage range of 10-14 watts, and the 1.8-ohm coil should be best effective at a wattage range of 10-14 watts.

Manufacturers usage instructions

Just as with any other new coil, the Aspire Nautilus coils also need to be well-primed before use for their utmost efficiency. To prime the coil, you must add drops of e-liquid to the coil before installing it in the tank and letting it sock the coil for a few minutes before vaping off.

Tips for optimal performance of the Aspire Nautilus coils

If you want total efficiency for your Aspire Nautilus coils, here are some things you need to pay attention on:

Avoid chain vaping

Chain vaping is taking consistent puffs without letting the vape cool down. Consistent chain vaping may cause the coil to overheat and burn out, so you may be out shopping for other coils before you know it. Unless you are keen enough, you may replace your coils more than you refill e-juice in the tank.

Reduce using highly sweetened e-liquids

Highly sweetened vape juices contain high sucrose levels that don’t vaporise. So, it's best to use moderate sweeteners. Alternatively, if you have to use highly sweetened e-liquids, you need to ensure you clean the coil regularly.

Regularly clean the coil

Here is a step that not most vapers are ready to do, but it is equally important for your vape’s long lifespan. Cleaning the coils helps remove any piled gunk or debris on the coil. So to clean the coil you need to remove it from the tank and soak it in warm water for about 5-10 minutes. From there, you must dry the coil completely before reinstalling it in your vape tank.

Overall, the Aspire Nautilus coils are indeed high-performing and reliable vape coils. Their premium quality materials and manufacturer-recommended wattage ranges is meant to ensure you have a smooth vape experience.

Unfortunately, they are designed for the Aspire Nautilus tank series, but some vapers have talked about the coils' compatibility with any matching device with similar wattage ranges. This is not confirmed yet, but if you can fit them in other vape devices, you’ll agree that the coils are worth it.

All you need to do is stick to every usage and maintenance tip for optimal performance of the coils. In addition, you want to get these coils from Flawless Vape Shop for guaranteed quality coils that will actually last.