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Voopoo Coils

Voopoo has been around for some time and sold thousands of products in the UK, US and Europe. While the brand is known for making all types of vaping products include mods, it's best known for its collection of coils. 

Voopoo coils have earned an immense reputation among vapers for their quality and diversity. To appeal to all users, Voopoo has classified its coils each of them offering different feature set and benefits depending on the mod being used as well as the preference of the user. 

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Despite the various classes of vape coils, one thing is for certain with Voopoo coils, a lot of research and design has gone into each coil ensuring the top of the class performance for the most value for your money.

At Flawless Vape, we make it our business to provide you with all the leading vaping technology. That is why we have all the Voopoo coils in our stores.

The varieties of Vopoo coils include

The U-Series

The U-series Voopoo coils were designed as replacement coils for the UFORCE sub-ohm tank. The coils feature OCC technology, with anti-leaking and anti-burst features with heat insulation. Both the U2 and U4 coils feature organic Japanese cotton with Kanthal wiring inside a stainless steel frame. The coils have four large wicking ports with rapid heating to provide the best vapour and flavour production.

Some of the features differ slightly depending on the model of coil you pick in the U-series for the best vaping experience.


The N-series features well-built coils tuned for dense cloud production. Like the U-series, these coils also feature the best organic Japanese cotton for optimal wicking purposes as well as OCC technology with anti-leaking and anti-bursting along with heat insulation technology.

The N-series Voopoo coils are user-friendly and versatile. They are compatible with any tank in the UFORCE series and provide an excellent, fresh and flavourful experience for any vaper that dares give them a try.


The P-series coils in the Voopoo collection stays true to the tried and tested 100% organic Japanese cotton for wicking. The Kanthal coil and the cotton are housed in a heat-resisting superior stainless steel frame with wicking ports that ensure you keep a steady flow of e-juice into the coil. 

Like the previous varieties, the P-series also employs OCC technology along with anti-burst, anti-leaking and heat insulation technologies for the best performance and safety of the user.

Voopoo offers a variety of other coil options like the R and D-series. The brand is also famous for its vast range of box mods, particularly the UFORCE line which is revered by many vapers all over the world.

Leading Vape Distributor in the UK

Over the years, Flawless Vape has followed a simple yet effective formula to grow into one of the leading vape distributors in the UK – provide vapers with diversity and guaranteed quality.

We have partnered with numerous brands which we have distribution rights and with others, we have obtained exclusive distribution rights making us the sole distributor of their products.

We have positioned ourselves as the home for all things vaping ensuring that vapers can find even the hardest vaping products in our collection.