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Innokin Endura T22 Pro Kit

by Innokin
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We highly recommended the T22 Pro Vape Pen Kit as one of the perfect vape starter kits for anyone looking to make the switch to vaping.

 It features a large 3000mAh battery, handy USB-C charging and provides a tight mouth-to-lung style draw.

This classic take on a pen style vape is a great starting point if you are looking to make the switch. The Endura T18e Pro vape tank can be easily refilled from the top of your device and the Endura T22 Pro battery can be easily charged via the USB-C connection at the bottom. 

  • 1×Endura T22 Pro Battery(3000mAh)
  • 1×Endura T18e Pro Tank
  • 2× T18e 1.7Ohm Coils
  • 1×USB-C Charging Cable
  • 1×Quick Start Guide
  • 1×User packet(Warranty Card, Warning Booklet, Battery Warning Card)

What vape coil should I use with the Innokin T22 Pro Kit?

  • The Innokin T18E-II Kit uses the Innokin T18e vape coils in 1.7Ohm 

What e-liquid should I use with the T22 Pro Kit

  • For the 1.7ohm T18e coils, we would recommend high PG e-liquids. We have a huge selection of High PG vape juice in flavours from mixed berry, blue raspberry e-liquid, menthol vape juice and more. 

Innokin Endura T22 Pro Starter Kit specifications dimensions & features:

  • Battery size: 3000mAh
  • Vape Tank capacity: 2ml
  • One button operation (3 clicks to switch on/off. Hold button whilst locked to change power level)
  • MTL (Mouth-To-Lung) support
  • Top-filling vape tank design
  • 510 coil threading
  • "No-Spill" coil swap system for easy coil replacement
  • Supports the ability to vape while charging

Innokin vapes are gradually climbing the vape industry ladder. Their adjustable airflow, longer battery life and customisable vaping experience are why most vapers prefer the Innokin vape brand over many others.

However, the different Innokin vape series can almost challenge anyone intending to vape the brand’s product for the first time. To help ease your purchase, the Innokin Endura T22 is one of the many Innokin vape products you wouldn’t want to miss a taste of.

Similarly, with the increasing vape manufacturers globally one can be easily conned to buy a fake Innokin vape, thinking it’s the original option. So to avoid this, it is best that you buy from reputable stores such as Flawless vape shop.

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Benefits of the Innokin Endura T22

You have every reason to enjoy an Innokin Endura T22 from its advanced technological features. Some of the many benefits you are guaranteed with this vape include:

Longer battery life

Endura T22 features a 3000mAh battery which guarantees you of utmost convenience when using the vape. As much as it is a rechargeable unit, the high-capacity battery means you’ll have less charges between your vape sessions.

In addition, in this era of customisation and fine-tuning, the 3000mAh battery will support all your adjustments on the device. So whether you need a higher wattage output for denser vapours and intense flavours, you have assured peace of mind that the battery will support and manage it all.

Best build quality

With a super build quality, your Innokin Endura T22 has guaranteed comfort which means it is ergonomic to hold comfortably in your hand. The build quality is also designed to withstand the daily wear and tear that comes with frequent device use. This means you are sure the unit will last and will serve you well enough.

The perfect build quality also has a guaranteed consistent performance which means your vape will produce the same great vapour and flavour every time you vape.

Lasting coils

With lasting coils, your Endura T22 has a guaranteed monetary value. Firstly the lasting coils are very cost-effective as you can imagine this results to reduced purchases of replacement coils every other time. Vape coils, not necessarily in the Endura T22 easily burn out from chain vaping and failure to prime them. But if you can have lasting coils, you also have nothing to worry about unexpected coil burnouts. 

If you are concerned about your effects on the environment, having long lasting coils in your vape means you will have reduced your carbon footprints because you won’t have to dispose of anymore coils frequently.

Super performing tanks

A super performing tank from Innokin results in a smooth draw that makes it easy to inhale and exhale your flavours and absolute consistency. This means with such a tank; you will be sure of the same output every other time you vape. This tank also comes with a reduced replacement frequency that saves on your finances and saves you the replacement hassle.

Generally, the super tank will also mean it is highly compatible, so you can have various customisation effects that will give you a fine output of flavour and vapour.

Maximum flavour and Vapour

The Innokin Endura is one of the best vape kits you can have; however, the utmost efficiency and performance of the vape is dependent on various factors. Here is how you would want to maximise your Innokin Endura T22 flavour and vapour:

Use the correct e-liquid

The Endura T22 vape device is designed for top-quality e-liquids formulated with moderate nicotine content and high VG e-liquids. This will be very beneficial for the best vapour and flavour production. It is also important that when refilling your e-liquid, ensure you use a steeped e-liquid to enhance the flavours.

Adjust the airflow

Adjusting the airflow opens the airhole on the side of your Endura T22 vape kit. So it is possible to customise your flavour and vapour by using a tighter air intake or a looser one. For a flavour-filled vapour, you want to use a tight airflow and an open airflow for reduced flavour intensity.

On the other side, an open air hole will increase the vapour produced, a fact that’s good for cloud chasers. At the same time, a limited airhole reduces the amount of vapour from your Endura T22.

Keep the vape clean

The Innokin Endura T22 is a refillable vape device that you can easily clean off; this would be for the best performance of the device. So you want to clean the tank with warm water and some mild detergents. This will clear off any piling impurities in the tank. You should, however, remember to dry off the tank before refilling it back for use.