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Innokin Go S Vape Kit

by Innokin
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The Innokin GO S vape kit is discreet and simple to use. It offers a good introduction to vaping and comes highly recommended to new vapers. Powered by a built-in 1500mAh battery it provides a consistent wattage output and produces a small amount of vapour. This kit uses a 2ml pod tank that can be refilled multiple times but won't require any maintenance, it can be replaced when the times comes.


Large capacity battery
13W continuous output
Supports mouth to lung vaping
Single-button operation
Disposable 2ml tank
Adjustable airflow

Innokin vapes are highly regarded for their high-quality material use and advanced technology integrated into their devices. In addition, its manufacturers are constantly innovating and developing new technologies with their devices. So with Innokin vapes, whether it is the Innokin Go S vape kit, you can be sure of having a high-standard vape device that best suits your needs and preferences.

However, with the increasing number of vape manufacturers, it means you need to be concerned about where you source your vape pens. But instead of being overwhelmed with the best place to buy this vape, why don’t you check our disposable vapes, mechanical mods, sub-ohm kits, and other vape accessories.

Design and Build Quality

The vape has a sleek and slim design that makes it easy to hold and use. It also comes in various colour finishes, so you can choose the best option that matches your preferred design. Some of these colours are so discreet that they may almost go unnoticed, making them best for use in public when you wouldn’t want it to be automatic that you are vaping. In addition, the Innokin Go S vape features a strong, high-quality, durable build that feels very sturdy to hold.

The vape kit has an ergonomically designed mouthpiece that will fit comfortably in the user’s mouth. This is a plus because it is lightweight, making it easy to carry and use the vape on the go. The vape kit is also easy to fit in your carry-on, whether in your pocket or purse.

Benefits of the Innokin Go S vape

The Innokin Go S vape features the latest technological advancements that are quite beneficial for anyone using the vape. Among the different things that you’ll benefit from using this vape are:


Innokin Go S vape has a compact and lightweight design that you can carry to work, school, or on a journey. This won’t add any weight or take up space in your luggage, so it is the best option whenever you are out and about.

Consistent performance

The vape kit uses high-standard components to ensure consistent performance throughout your vaping sessions. As a result, you are sure of amazing flavour and dense vapour from a high-quality coil to a high-capacity battery.


The Innokin Go S vape is a high-quality device that’s comparatively priced, which means you have an assurance of getting your money value back. So, if you want the best vape kit with various flavours, and one that won’t make you break the bank, the Innokin Go S vape is the best option.

How to make the Innokin Go S vape last

Despite being a refillable unit, there are various things you can do to make your Innokin Go S vape last for long and increase its efficiency. Among the tips you may need to follow are the following:

Store the unit in a cool and dry place

You must avoid exposing the vape in hot and wet places that may affect the device. Hot temperatures, for instance, may affect the flavours in your e-liquid and degrade its sweetness. On the other hand, placing it in wet areas may cause moisture to seep into the device, thus affecting its internal systems.

You should always ensure the vape is placed in cool and dry environments where your e-juice flavours are enhanced, making the vape much sweeter.

Avoid taking multiple hits

Taking prolonged hits in quick succession, without breaks, causes the coil to burn out faster than it would in an average vaping style. So you must let the vape settle down for a few seconds between your puff to help cool the coil down.

In addition, when chain vaping, you have no guarantee of a consistent flavour since you need to allocate some time that will have your e-juice resettle to enhance its flavour.

Avoid taking a hit with a low battery

When the Innokin Go S vape is on low battery, you must recharge it before you continue your vape sessions. Otherwise, the vape won’t perform optimally, so you won’t have sweetened flavours and denser clouds. Unfortunately, this can also cause the coil to burn out because it won’t be able to burn the e-liquid sufficiently.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions

Innokin manufacturers have specific guidelines to help each vape perform optimally. So it is important that you read the label on the Innokin Go S vape for its do’s and don’ts. This is quite important for the overall safety of the vape user, as you will have avoided some accidental mistakes that would affect the vape’s performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Innokin Go S vape last?

The lifespan of your Innokin Go S vape last period depends on various factors, including how you use the device.  For instance, if you are a frequent vaper and often take long hits without breaks, your Innokin vape may last for a short while compared to one who vapes with breaks between their puffs.

Can I refill the Innokin Go S vape?

Yes, you can refill the Innokin Go S vape as many times as you want.

What e-liquid can I use in the Innokin Go S vape?

You can use any high-quality e-liquid in the Innokin Go S vape. Initially, the vape comes with a high-quality well-formulated e-liquid that will produce optimal flavours and vapours. This means when refilling the e-liquid, you’ll want to go for a top-quality e-juice that’s well formulated and one whose quality you are well assured of; for your safety.