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Empire Project Squonk Mod By Vaperz Cloud

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The Empire Project is the latest addition to the Vaperz Cloud collection of hardware! Brought to you in collaboration with the engineers of Orca Vape and the original vaping connoisseur himself GrimmGreen.

The Empire Squonk Mod is a small and compact single 21700 device which blends both brawn and beauty to give your favourite atomiser a new place to shine! The goal of the Empire Project is to bring intelligent design and meticulous machining for an experience like nothing else. We are pleased to bring you a true device made by vapers for vapers. Welcome to the Empire Project!


  • Single 21700 (Not included)
  • 100 Watt Wire Free Chipset
  • XL Bottle
  • Accepts up to 25.5mm Atomizers
  • 3 Year Chipset Warranty

Vaperz Cloud vape brand is popular for its unique and innovative technology aspect. The brands latest addition, the Empire Project Squonk Mod, is not short of any of these features.

Empire Project Squonk Mod is not just another device; it is a fusion of innovation and performance that elevates your vape journey. With outstanding battery life and cutting-edge technology, this Squonk mod is the perfect choice for vapers who want the best of both worlds.

The device's user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make navigating it a breeze, ensuring that even the most advanced settings are easily accessible.

Empire Project Squonk Mod Key Features

Vaperz Cloud products guarantee a high level of quality and satisfaction.

Here are some key features that contribute to making the Empire Squonk mod a perfect choice for you:

100 Watt Wire-free Chipset

As the heart of the Empire Squonk mod, the chipset consists of sophisticated electronic components that perform major functions in the vape, including power regulation.

Through voltage regulation, wattage calculation and resistance setting, the chipset efficiently manages up to 100 Watts, ensuring an efficient vaping experience.

Whether you need intense cloud production or admire rich favours, the chipset has several safety features that prevent the mod from exceeding its power limits.

The wire-free feature on the chipset is a testament to modern technology in running the mod, guaranteeing a consistent and satisfying vape experience. This also has several benefits, including reduced clutter on the internal components of the mod, reassuring its users of a reliable experience.

Bottom Feeder Electronic Device

The bottom feeding aspect (Squonking system) draws a line between the Empire squonk mod and many other customisable tanks. This system means the vape employs a bottom feeder mode through a squeezable bottle.

The atomiser is fed the e-liquid directly from the bottom through the squeezing compared to the manual e-liquid dripping onto coils.

While the squonking system saves time and keeps you from the mess of accidental over-dripping in rebuildable tanks, it also helps prevent dry hits.  The consistent delivery of e-liquid to the coil ensures optimal wicking. This results in an improved flavour intensity and enhanced vapour production.

21700 Removable Battery

The 21700 removable battery produces at least 100 watts. This makes it efficient for the overall performance of the mod and its convenience. With such output, you are assured of extended vaping sessions before replacing the battery.

The removable feature of the battery also means its users can enjoy the utmost convenience of the mod, especially when out on the go.

8.7ml E-liquid Capacity

The 8.7ml e-liquid bottle ensures you can comfortably enjoy your vaping sessions before refilling the e-liquid tank.

Most vapers are often into dense cloud production, which means you may need enough e-liquid to sustain your intense cloud chasing for longer periods. This makes the Empire Squonk mod your best option for this case.

The large liquid capacity also means consistent wicking and saturation of the coil and the wick. This reassures you of a consistent flavour enhancement because a fully saturated wick delivers a full spectrum of the e-liquid's flavour profile.

Additionally, the coil's continuous saturation reduces gunk build-up on the heating element. This, therefore, reduces the chances of coil contaminants that could impact the sweetness of your e-liquid.

Anodised Aluminium Material

The anodised aluminium material contributes to improved durability as it adds a protective layer to the mod. This means the surface of your Empire mod by Vaperz Cloud will be more resistant to scratches and wear from corrosion.

While maintaining enhanced aesthetics, the additional material also helps maintain the long life of the mod.

Anodised aluminium often has a smooth texture and is quite lightweight. Each of these features makes using the vape a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The smooth surface of the anodised aluminium feels pleasant in your hand, enhancing your grip and adding to your premium feel when using the mod.

25.5mm Atomizer Compatibility

Larger atomisers, such as those with 25mm diameters or more, often have increased airflow and the potential for higher vapour production. This is quite promising, especially if you love intense cloud production when vaping.

The compatibility feature also means you can experiment with different types of atomisers to find one that comfortably matches your vaping preferences.

Most 25mm atomisers are also known for their increased heat-dissipating abilities. This means you can enjoy your vaping session without worrying about increasing temperatures, especially for extended periods.

Functionality & Perfomance

The Empire Project Squonk vape has various capabilities that guarantee its optimal functionality and performance in delivering an improved vaping experience.

Here are different aspects that portray the Squonk mod’s peak performance:

Battery Life & Management

The vape’s chipset is embedded with many modes that ensure optimal battery functionality. One of these is the standby mode which reduces power consumption when the mod is not in use, saving the available battery capacity for extended vaping sessions.

The battery and the mod also contain various safety features that sync to ensure the battery does not discharge excessively. These also come with short-circuit and overheat protection features to manage the battery in harmful situations efficiently.

Consistent Perfomance

Vaperz Cloud manufacturers are reputable for their dedication to delivering exceptional vaping devices. With their dedication comes the assurance of reliable, satisfying, and uninterrupted vaping sessions every time you vape the Empire Project Squonk Mod.

Through a secure and stable connection with 510 connectors, there remains a stable connection between the mod and the atomiser. This goes a long way toward ensuring consistent power delivery and performance across the systems in the mod.

Empire Project Squonk Mod FAQs

What is a Squonk Mod?

A Squonk mod is a vaping device that allows users to feed e-liquid directly to the coil by pressing the bottle. This eliminates the need for manually dripping e-liquid on the coil, reducing the chances of accidental over-dripping, which can be quite messy.

How do I refill the Squonk bottle in the Empire Project Mod?

To refill the Squonk bottle, you need to unscrew the bottle compartment and refill the bottle with the e-liquid of your choice.

What atomisers are compatible with the Empire Project Squonk Mod?

The Empire project squonk mod is compatible with large atomisers of 25.5mm diameter.

Is it safe for beginners to use the Empire Project Squonk Mod?

Yes, the Empire Project Squonk mod is designed for beginners and experienced vapers. It comes incorporated with user-friendly features that first-time users will enjoy. At the same time it also has advanced performance features and performance capabilities that experienced vapers will find preferential.