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VEEBA Disposable Vape 20mg

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VEEBA is a brand-new disposable vape. It comes in a range of flavours and uses 2ml of e-liquid with a nicotine level of 1.8% (20mg/ml), and a 280mAh battery.

VEEBA, is a vape product and not heated tobacco. It doesn’t contain any tobacco, just nicotine in e-liquid in the form of nicotine salts. These are a type of nicotine either found naturally or created synthetically in a lab, and they differ from freebase nicotine, which cigarettes and some e-liquids contain.

Some people switching from smoking use disposable vapes as an alternative. Without a doubt, the best choice any smoker can make is to quit the use of nicotine entirely, but for those who don’t quit, switching to an alternative represents a better choice than continuing to smoke.

Here’s all you need to know about the VEEBA and how it compares to other devices.

What Are the Features of VEEBA?

VEEBA is a single-use product, like other disposable vapes, and is recyclable. It comes in a range of flavours to suit different preferences, and these will be outlined below.

With VEEBA, you can start inhaling without turning the vape on – it turns on automatically when you begin taking a draw. You’ll see a glowing light at the base, which indicates that the device is on. When you’re finished using the vape, you can simply stop inhaling.

VEEBA is available in a number of different flavours – and they’re already included in the device. Each flavour consists of 2ml of e-liquid with 1.8% (20mg/ml) of nicotine salts.

VEEBA Flavours 

Some VEEBA disposable vapes have a fruit taste, while some offer creaminess, cooling, a minty experience, or the taste of classic tobacco.

Gold: VEEBA Gold offers fruity and citrus aroma notes, as well as cooling.

Indiblue: Indiblue combines blueberry and pomegranate notes, as well as creaminess too.

Turquoise: Turquoise offers a minty experience that’s also cooling and creamy.

Yellow-Green: With Yellow-Green, there’s a fruity experience with apple and a sour taste.

Summer: Summer combines apple and watermelon with a minty taste.

Red: Red offers a vaping experience with dragon fruit and strawberry notes and some cooling too.

Classic: A dark tobacco flavour meets toasted aroma.

Coral Pink: Coral Pink offers watermelon and melon flavours with a cooling experience.

Mauve: This vape gives an experience that mixes blueberry and strawberry with cooling.